Achillea Seed ( Perennial )

Gardening info:

Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before planting out, so around mid-March on the coast. Transplant or direct sow in early spring or early autumn. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 60-65. Seeds can take 10 to as long as 100 days to sprout. Bottom heat speeds germination.

Starting Seeds: Sow on the surface of the soil, under bright lights if starting indoors. Transplants can go out while the soil is still cool and there is still some risk of light frost. Space transplants at 30-60cm (12-24") apart.

Growing Plants: Yarrow is a tough plant that is suitable for xeriscaping, and it will adapt to pretty much any soil. For best results, grow in a loamy, well drained soil with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0. Divide plants every 3-4 years. Cut plants to ground level in autumn.

Nice video on growing Achillea

2985 Gold Coin ( Achillea coarctaca )
Dwarf form of Parkers or Cloth of Gold, more shade resistant, long bloomer. Grows 15" tall, hardy to zone 3. Perennial.
  1mg Package ( about 10-12 seeds ) $1.95
2989 The Pearl Superior ( Achillea ptarmica )
Double, star white, long bloomer. Easy to grow, 90 days to flower. Grows 30" tall, hardy to zone 3. Perennial.
  25 Seed Package $1.95
2990 Ferny ( Achillea aurea )
Fernlike, wooly, fragrant foliage distinguishes this lovely drought tolerant garden staple, gold flowers. Grows only 8" tall, hardy to zone 4. Perennial.
  2mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $1.95
TRN118 Achillea Cassis ( A. millefolium )
Fleuroselect, will flower first year, prolific stems and deep cerise red flower umbels, for garden or cut flowers, grows 25" tall, hardy to zone 4.
 5mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
IP245 Achillea Colorado
Colorado mix produces clusters of flowers in shades of pink, red, yellow, white and apricot. It is a compact variety growing to only 24 to 30 inches tall at maturity.
The narrow fern-like, mid-green to grey-green foliage will soften your perennial border and the plants are suitable for pots or containers. The flowers are as gorgeous dried as they are fresh.
  20mg package ( about 100 seeds ) $2.95
SF200 Achillea Moonwalker
Blooms easily the same year. It is a fairly compact plant growing to just 24 inches tall by about the same width. Keeping it slightly under-watered will keep the floral stems from sprawling. Cut it back after its first flowering for it to repeat later in the summer and divide it every couple of years to keep it vigorous. It looks good year round with tidy foliage and bright non-fading flowers which are numerously produced.
Works as an accent, specimen, or in mass planting. They are suitable for cut flowers production and make excellent dried flowers. Hardy to 20 degrees and drought proof, the plants will takes most climates and most kinds of soil as long as it is well drained.
This plant will attract many species of pollinating insects to your garden during the summer and certain species of birds will also use it to line their nests. An added bonus is it is both deer and rabbit resistant.
Its flowers attract many beneficial insects, including ladybirds and parasitic wasps that prey on garden pests, in particular aphids. Ants do not like the smell; crushed leaves can be used as a deterrent.
  5mg package ( about 35-40 seeds ) $2.95