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Ornamental Pepper Seed ( Annual )

TRM504 Holiday Cheer
1979 All-America Selections Winner. Holiday Cheer produces high yields of 1-inch round hot peppers. The peppers turn from cream, to yellow to red when mature. Ideal in pots outside and also inside on the windowsill. 85 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP363 Little Elf Pepper
Compact 14" tall, tiny ½" fruits in clusters, yellow to purple to orange to red, a cacophony of color at any time, 70 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP356 Golden Nugget Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 20000-35000 SU )
Beautiful ornamental variety for borders, specimen plants, or pots. Variegated foliage, hundreds of golden yellow fruits, good for pickling or drying. 75-85 days from transplant. Medium hot flavor.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP364 Prairie Fire Pepper
Edible ground cover, grows only 10" tall, ½ x 1" above foliage, cream to yellow to red, fruity flavor, 55 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP369 Peppa Purple Tangerine Pepper
Compact for 4-5" pots, really tempting conical purple and tangerine fruits, long lasting display, reliable germinator, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
3372 Calico Pepper
Variegated stable tricolor leaf, compact heat tolerant plant, extremely hot fruit, 68 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
3285 Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper
Branches explode into display of long slender fruits, purple to red. For garden or large patio pot, vigorous habit, long lasting color display, high germination, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
2680 Apache Red Patio Chile Pepper
F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 3" long fruits all summer, green turning red, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
2681 Cheyenne Orange Patio Chile Pepper
F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 4" long orange fruits all summer, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
2682 Mohawk Gold Patio Pepper
F1 Dwarf bell for patio pot, 4" golden fruits all summer, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP305 Trifetti
(72 days) Makes a spectacular houseplant or container planting! As Tri-Color Variegata matures, each leaf exhibits shades of white, green and purple in a never-ending, variegated display, with no two leaves the same. Purple stems and blooms add to the richness and charm. Fruits are hot, best used as a garnish, and turn from deep purple to bright red at maturity.
Package of 15 seeds $2.95