Seeds for Bonsai Plants

Important Note: Most of the seeds on this page will benefit greatly from using the CAPE Smoke Seed Germination Primer that we use in our own greenhouses. We find we receive significantly better germination results when we use this primer on these types of seeds.

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Bonsai are beautiful and graceful plants that reflect the patience and care of their owners. Many good books have been written on the care and culture of bonsai and most are available at your local library free of charge.

B1717 Amur Maple ( Acer ginnala )
A fast growing small and dainty gray-barked tree with white flowers and brilliant fall colors. When grown as a bonsai, its trunk can contorted into many different forms.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
3557 Desert Rose ( Adenium obesum )
A slow growing succulent like plant with a swollen, contorted base and an abundance of carmine-rose flowers when mature. A preferred bonsai plant.
Winter hardy to Zone 11. In colder zones, plants should be grown in containers and overwintered indoors. In containers, desert rose is best grown in a loose, sandy or gravelly, well-drained soil mix in full sun. Plants have excellent heat tolerance. Apply regular moisture during periods of growth, but allow soils to dry between waterings. Regular applications of fertilizer in spring will help promote flowering. Plants can be left outdoors in sunny locations during the summer. As soon as temperatures begin to dip below 55 degrees F. in autumn, bring containers indoors to sunny but cool locations with reduced watering. Plants usually lose their leaves in winter and go into a dormancy-like period. For container plants, the best caudex usually develops from seed-grown plants.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
1A060 Baobab; Lemonade Tree; Monkeybread Tree ( Adonis digitata )
Only the most serious of tree collectors have these unusual trees. The huge trunk of this tree can reach 30' in diameter. Has large 6" hibiscus like flowers and foot long fruits filled with refreshing lemon flavored pulp. The leaves can be eaten like spinach. The trunks store considerable water, as much as 1,000 gallons have been tapped from one. However, if you do not have a half acre to plant one on, they make great bonsai.
  Package of 2 seeds $3.50
Z2818 Tree of Heaven ( Ailanthus altissima )
Grown in Europe as a street tree, this specimen also makes a good bonsai. Has pinnate leaves and small panicles of tiny greenish flowers. Very elegant.
 200mg package ( about 10 seeds ) $1.95
B1747 River Birch ( Betula nigra )
A graceful pyramidal tree with striking blackish curling bark. Its twisting shape lends well to bonsai.
 55mg pack ( about 40-50 ) seeds $1.95
3451 African Wisteria Tree ( Bolusanthus speciousus )
A slow growing tree to 20 ft. outside in warm climates, but also makes an excellent bonsai plant as well. Grey trunk, alternate pinnate leaves and violet flowers in racemes.
  Package of 5 seeds $3.95
B1708 Incense Cedar ( Calocedrus decurrens)
A small pyramidal shaped cedar that is prized for its very fragrant leaves and wood. Easy to start from seeds. A very beautiful bonsai specimen.
  Package of 5 seeds $1.95
B1719 European Hornbeam ( Carpinus betulus )
A hardy tree resembling a beech that is prized for its very tough nature. It is not commonly used as bonsai, but we believe it will soon become a staple in this field. A very handsome tree.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
3329 River She Oak ( Casuarina equisetifolia )
Also known as Hosretail She Oak. This is a small tree growing to perhaps 20 feet in its natural environment with a pendulous, drooping, normally open habit. Flowers are inconspicuous but these trees come in male and female forms and in spring the male trees can take on an attractive rusty hew from their pollen.
Fruit is a cone to about an inch in length. Used extensively as a seaside street or park planting this species is wind firm, salt tolerant and nitrogen fixing and consequently it is particularly useful in areas of poor sandy soil where it is a valuable windbreak and soil binder.
They are very hardy trees, drought tolerant but are not frost tolerant to any real degree so are best suited to warmer mediteranean or sub to fully tropical areas, we have seen in survive in zone 9.
This species also makes an excellent bonsai subject. Easy to propagate from seed and it can be grown in pots, tubs or indoors as a houseplant in colder climates.
 75mg pack ( about 20 seeds )
TRM921 Tropical Oak ( Casuarina cunninghamiana )
An attractive spreading form with needle-like foliage. Young trees typically have a pyramidal crown with ascending branches; the crown becomes more open with maturity.
Cannot ship to Florida or Hawaii.
 55mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.25
D7866 Cedar of Lebanon ( Cedrus libani )
A mature cedar of Lebanon is a stately and picturesque evergreen conifer. It has a massive (sometimes forked) trunk, very wide-spreading horizontal branches (the lower ones often kissing the ground), and a crown of flat tiers, like table tops. This magnificent tree can be raised in bonsai form very easily
The Lebanon Cedar is the national emblem of Lebanon, and it is seen on the Lebanese flag. It is also the main symbol of the Cedar Revolution, along with many political parties in Lebanon such as the Kataeb, the National Liberal Party and the Lebanese Forces.[22] As a result of long exploitation, very few old trees remain in Lebanon, but there is now an active program to conserve and regenerate the forests. The forest of the Cedars of God in Bsharri and the Barouk forest are national reserves in Lebanon.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.50
RLP070 Black She Oak ( Allocasuarina littoralis )
This is a beautiful Australian tree that looks more like a pine than an oak. They get great green pine like foliage and small red flowers amongst the foliage.
A great bonsai specimen.
These beautiful plants grow best in full sun to part shade and they are hardy to zone 8.
Evergreen small to medium tree, with ascending branches. Found native on dry ridges and hillsides of the Blue Mountains and along the east coast of Australia. Fine bright green cladodes (leaves) and fine branchlets on ascending branches.
Female flowers reddish to crimson, male flowers dark brown held on spikes.
Dark black fissured bark on the trunk. Tolerant of a wide range of climatic conditions and soil types from sandy to heavy clay and moderate soil salt tolerance Performs best on well drained sites.
 150mg pack ( about 40 seeds ) $2.95
RLP073 White Kunzea ( Kunzea ambigua )
Kunzea ambigua, commonly known as the White Kunzea is famous for it's essential oil, but it also makes a wonderful bonsai plant as well.
 150mg pack ( hundreds of tiny seeds ) $2.95
D2249 Carob Tree ( Ceratonia )
A beautiful small tree from the Mediterranean coasts. Has heavy, dark pinnate leaves and small red fruits. A very sturdy evergreen that is easily grown from seeds.
  Package of 5 seeds $1.95
B1749 Monterey Cypress ( Cupressus macrocarpa )
Bruised foliage has citronella-like smell. The conifer shape and small needle like leaves make this a natural bonsai choice.
  Package of 15 seeds $1.95
B1702 Sacred Japanese Cedar ( Cryptomeria japonica )
A very popular bonsai plant with pyramidal form. Outside, it is an elegant evergreen tree growing to 150'. The bark is reddish-brown and peels in strips.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.00
TRM038 Jackalberry ( Diospyros natalensis )
Grows to be a 6m shrub/small tree, pale grey smooth bark, glossy leaves borne horizontally. Small white flower in heads Winter-Spring. Yellowish-orange acorn-like fruit eaten by birds, good container & bonsai plant. Sow Spring. Zone 9.
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B1728 Russian Olive ( Elaeagnus angustifolia )
Although its fruits are used in drinks and to make preserves, it is more sought after for its white shoots and silver undersides of leaves. Trains well.
  Package of 5 seeds $1.95
D4509 Weeping Ficus ( Ficus benjamin )
One of the most recognizable house plants grown today. Very economical and easy to grow from seed and easy to care for. A fast growing plant that can become a centerpiece.
  Package of 12 seeds $1.95
3399 Cluster Fig Tree ( Ficus racemosa )
An evergreen tropical fig that can be grown as a bonsai.
This Ficus species can easy be recognized by the myriad of fruits that are hanging from its branches almost the whole year round.
 25mg pack ( about 100 seeds ) $2.95
D4513 Peepful Fig ( Ficus religiosa )
A beautiful house plant that will produce edible figs, however they are mostly limited to making preserves. Lovely green foliage on a twisting, spiraling stalk. Fast growing.
  6mg package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.25
TRM029 Bubu Fig ( Ficus Bubu )
A rarely send fig tree that that should be used as bonsai subjects as they tend to have very nice detail and can handle drought. Look is similar to small leaf fig, but the bark and stems are much more detailed.
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TRM030 Nambia Willow Leaf Fig ( Ficus cordata )
This fig seed comes from Namibia, the leaves are long oval shaped, hence the name "Nambia Willow leaved fig".
These figs are drought tolerant and their fruit is a source of food for insects, birds and mammals and they are great for bonsai as well.
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TRM031 Rock Splitter Fig ( Ficus tettensis )
This fig comes from a relatively small area of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It grows on rocky outcrops and the sides of cliffs. The overall height and spread of the tree will depend upon where it is growing and the available mositure. The leaves are large and covered with a soft downy felt, which helps to cut down on the loss of moisture as it grows in quite arid areas.
The figs are small and whilst edible, they are not recommended as the taste is quite poor.
This plant will make an ideal pot plant or better still an unusual indoor bonsai tree. All figs respond well to training as in the wild they adapt to fit whatever condition they are growing in.
This will make an interesting houesplant or conservatory specimen, it could also be trained as an indoor bonsai.
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D2977 Ginko Biloba ( Maidenhair Fern )
A unique tree with a leaf shape unlike any other. Its nuts are regarded as a delicacy in the Orient. In fall the leaves turn a golden yellow. A favorite bonsai specimen.
  Package of 3 seeds $1.95
For more info on the Ginko, please visit the Ginko Page
TRM032 Jatropha mahafalensis
The only naturally occurring Jatropha from Madagascar, Jatropha mahafalensis is a small tree with deeply lobed leaves. These plants are dioecious with yellow-red flowers. A wonderful bonsai plant
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B1705 Pyramid Chinese Juniper ( Juniperus chinensis )
A graceful garden tree also known as Pyramid Cedar, this specimen is fast becoming an accepted specimen of Bonsai culture. Has needle like leaves and twisted trunk with slightly scaly bark.
  Package of 10 seeds $1.95
B1735 Siberian Crabapple ( Malus baccata )
This tree is grown for both its fruit and its ornamental value. One of the few fruit varieties adapted for bonsai use. Fruits are red or yellow and about 1 cm in size. Also called Flowering Crabapple. Very hardy and easy to grow.
 85mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $1.95
D2228 Common Olive ( Olea europaea )
An excellent bonsai specimen from our bible seed selections.
The olive branch is mentioned several times in the Bible ( Ps. 52:8 }, ( Zech. 4:3 ), ( Deut. 33:24 ), ( Job 29:6 ) and ( Job15:33 } A most useful tree that can be grown in any temperate climate. It also can be grown in containers. The tree itself is attractive and usually becomes gnarled with age. It bears the olive of commerce that reach up to 1½" in dia. and are filled with oil. The flowers are tiny and yellow, the foliage a light grey-green.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.50
B1727 Black Hills Spruce ( Picea glauca densata )
This exquisite spruce is raised primarily as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens, however in should be in every lawn as well. There is probably not a more beautiful tree to be found. It is raised for Christmas trees and probably makes the best ones. It is now becoming the choice of bonsai growers as well.
 70mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $1.95
B1785 Giant California Redwood ( Sequoiadendron giganteum )
The world's largest living thing can actually be made into a bonsai! A giant tree capable of reaching over 250 ft. tall ( the famous General Sherman tree in California is 272 ft. tall with a 79 ft. measurement around the trunk ). An evergreen conifer that is fast growing and requires constant finger pruning.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.50
TRM035 Tylecodon wallichii
Due to it's natural growth habit, Tylecodon wallichii has been used as a natural bonsai. This South African succulent is much branched and grows to 1.5m high, but can be kept in a pot. Yellow flowers. Rough stem.
So even if you get frost, you'd be able to keep them if you remove them in house during winter.
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FA48 Blue Wisteria Vine ( Wisteria sinensis )
Extremely popular vining plant that that eventually develops a thick trunk to 8'. Mature height is 25' or more. It produces masses of violet blue flowers appearing before the leaves. The racemes of flowers hang to 1 1/2' or more providing colorful display. The pinnate leaves are divided into 13 leaflets. Deciduous. Hardy to zone 5 and easily grown.
  Package of 5 seeds $3.95


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