Fall and Winter Vegetables

The following varieties are usually grown in the Fall and Winter. Grown outside in the South, and under cover in Northern climates.

TRM642 Five Star Greenhouse Lettuce Mix
A blend of downy mildew resistant varieties for indoor production.
Newly reformulated for more uniform growth rates. The components were selected for their ability to hold their color (especially red leaf varieties) and resist downy mildew. Includes Green Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf, Red Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf lettuces.
 500mg Package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.95
TRM562 Winter Density Bibb Lettuce ( Pelleted Seeds )
Unique, specialty bibb-romaine type for mini heads for growing year round.
Winter Density is slow to bolt in the heat and is tolerant of some frost which makes it suitable for growing in succession plantings through the gardening year.
Compact, extra-dark green heads, average 8" tall. Very tightly folded. Best described as a tall Buttercrunch. Flavor and texture are excellent. Suitable for all seasons, especially well suited for greenhouse growing in fall and winter. 54 days. Easy to handle pelleted seeds for easy placement and germination of seeds.
 2.25g Package ( about 90-100 BB size pelleted seeds in protective vial ) $2.95
SF173 Early Dividend
F1 Early, this variety has good side shoot production after the main head is cut. It is vitamin rich and very flavorful. Harvest in only 45 days.
 39mg pack ( about 50 seeds ) $3.95
Dwarf Siberian Kale
Excellent winter kale that produces large 24 inch rosettes of delicious Kale after other types of greens have died back.

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VG102 Asparagus: Mary Washington
An excellent Asparagus from seeds, start your crop this year for years of bountiful harvests.
  1.5g Package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.25
1A027 Georgia Southern Collards
80 days. 3’ tall plants have loose clusters of blue-green, slightly crumpled, juicy leaves. This non-heading plant has a mild cabbage-like flavor that is improved by a slight freeze. Resistant to bolting and tolerant of heat and poor soil.
  1 Tablespoon Package ( 200+ seeds ) $1.95
NB21 Giant Japanese Red Mustard
Brassica juncea. 45 days. Large, tender Purple/Red Japanese mustard leaves are thick, savoy type and pungent with white mid-rib. Leaves turn purple at low temps and plants are tolerant to cool fall weather. Sow early spring or late summer.
 0.6g Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.25
VUD30 Southern Giant Curled Mustard
Brassica juncea. Large, frilly light green leaves on sturdy, upright plants. Use young leaves in salads for a mild mustard flavor. A relatively long standing variety. Its flavor is best during cooler weather on less mature plants. Superb flavor. High in Vitamin A, B, and C. Excellent freezing and canning variety. A traditional Southern favorite. Approximately 40 days to maturity.
 0.9g Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
VUD31 Florida Broadleaf Mustard
Brassica juncea. Plant produces good yields of flavorful green mustard leaves. Excellent greens used in salads, sandwiches, or cooked. This variety bolts slower than other varieties. High in Vitamin A, B, and C. Excellent freezing and canning variety. A traditional Southern favorite. Grows 24" tall, produces in 45 days.
 0.9g Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
VUD32 Tendergreen Spinach Mustard
An early maturing flavorful nutritious vegetable. Leaves are mild flavored, smooth and dark green. Usually cooked as greens but can be used raw in salads like spinach. As easy to grow as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Approximately 40 days to maturity.
 0.9g Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
1A315 Yellow Mustard
Grows 18-48 inches tall. This is one of the mustards used to produce mustard seeds for making condiments. It is sprouted with watercress to make the famous British cress and mustard. The seeds make a milder mustard than the black variety. The leaves can be eaten as a potherb.
 3.5g Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.25