Giant Vegetable List

Everyone seems to want to grow giant and unusual plants in their garden, we think that this is great, but should also be functional. We’ve put together a list of vegetables that not only produce huge fruits, but are practical as well.

JB024 Mammoth ( Ocimum basilicum )
Huge, palm size crinkled light green leaf, excellent for culinary use, grows about 15" tall.
 50mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
Bush Beans
TST025 Jumbo
Giant, Italian-style green beans.
A cross between Romano and Kentucky Wonder, Jumbo has dark green, extra-long pods with rich, bean flavor. While the beans are normally picked at 6-7", they are still stringless at over 10". Seeds are light brown with dark brown stripes. NOTE: In very fertile soil, plants may grow short vines (runners), but need no support. 85 days.
 10g pack ( about 60 seeds per pack ) $2.95
VC232 Giant Flat Dutch
The giant of the cabbages! A huge variety often weighing 10-12 pounds per head!
Excellent for eating with good flavor or for making kraut. 100 days.
 125mg pack ( about 35-40 seeds ) $2.25
2525 Giant Walking Stick Cabbage
Brassica oleracea longata. 180-300 days to a walking stick. Huge edible cabbage leaves top a vertical stem strong enough to use as a cane. These unique plants have produced walking sticks for centuries. Plant 40 inches apart early in the spring. With good growing practices, the slender stem grows straight and strong. Allow it to harden in the garden. In late January or February pull the plants, cut off the roots and crown, and hang indoors to dry. When it feels solid like a baseball bat it is ready. Cannot ship to IA
  15 seeds per package $2.15
SF158 Gigantic Chives
Forget growing regular size chives, you can now grow them twice the size and not sacrifice flavor! Gigantic is an elegant garden plant with attractive flowers, well flavored leaves and stems that are ideal for a number of culinary uses. Both the foliage and the flowers of Chive Gigantic are edible. Gigantic has a distinctive pleasant flavor combination of both chives and mild garlic. Double the size of a standard garden chive and far more decorative, the elegant arching stems are topped by attractive star shaped flowers. Perfect for patio or mixed containers.
  15mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95
AW09 Giant Silo
Grow incredible corn stalks 12-15 ft. tall with huge ears of corn. People will slow down as they pass by to marvel at this giant corn! This is a silo type corn used for livestock feed, it also is a wonderful wildlife food. Will grow 5 times the amount of normal corn, there have been reports of 40-50 tons per acre! Great fodder producer.
  10 gram pack ( about 35 seeds ) $2.50
NB23 Purple Haze F1 Hybrid
Beauty and bigness! Interesting novelty purple carrot has smooth roots averaging 10-12 inches, but can easily reach 16", with bright orange centre and very sweet flavor. Upright tops average 14-16 in/36-42 cm in height. Cooking dissolves the purple color. All America Selections Winner. 70 days.
  .050mg package ( 25+ seeds ) $1.95
3539 Giant Tendercrisp
Almost no calories and chock-full of nutrition! Tendercrisp yields large, 2-foot tall leafstalks that are crunchy and full of flavor. Perfect for soups and salads. 100 days from transplant.
 60mg Package ( about 200 seeds to a pack ) $2.95
TPF206 Armenian Yard Long
Amazing 2-3 ft. long cucumbers with crisp white flesh and a mild sweet flavor.
  20 seeds $2.95
Kohl Rabi
SF198 Giant Kossak
Huge 8" flat round bulbs ( and larger ), no woody insides, sweet, dense white flesh, 85 days. One of our favorite vegetables.
The flesh is white on this giant, with a firm texture and tender succulent flavor. Each mammoth bulb makes several meals! Direct-sow in early spring for late-spring harvest, or in midsummer for fall harvest. Space the plants about 6 inches apart. Unlike most vegetables, Kohlrabi can take a little shade without damage.
 110mg Package ( about 25 seeds to a pack ) $3.95

2035 Giant Musselburgh

Heirloom. Huge stalks can reach up to 18 inches. Delicious and mild-flavored. Thick, succulent stems are used as an autumn and winter substitute for green onions. Maturity is about 100 days.
  1/2 Teaspoon Pack ( 100+ seeds ) $1.95
IP255 Superstar Hybrid Cantaloupe
Giant, supersize 6-8 pound melons, thick tasty salmon flesh, perfect for northern growing, deeply sutured beige rind, 86 days.
  10 seeds $3.95
3504 El Gordo Hybrid Melon
Huge 15 to 20 pound melons not unusual! This giant Tuscan type melon can be for juicing or bragging rights for the largest melon. Can weigh up to 30 lbs. with a very small seed cavity.
Outstanding flavor and foliage canopy. El Gordo F1 exhibits a large, oval shape with medium, ropey netting and naked sutures with medium orange, slightly musky flesh. Excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew and Watermelon Mosaic Virus.
Harvest at 3/4 slip when the skin changes from bluish to yellowish/tan and the stem develops a little drying or corking. If you wait until the melon slips from the vine it will be over ripe. 75 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
TRN462 Armenian Giant Melon
Also known as Giant Persian Melon, this is an astounding melon from Armenia. It has yellow skin with a faint, pale netting and can reach a weight of nearly 20 pounds.
Inside it has pure white flesh that is amazingly sweet, tasty and refreshing when left to fully ripen on the vine. Easily grown in warm temperate and tropical climates. 115 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $3.95
W130 Amarillo Oro
Giant, beautiful, golden-yellow oblong fruit grow to 15 lbs and have sweet, creamy white flesh, A pre-1870 European heirloom winter type. Good shipper.
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H839 Japanese Giant Red Mustard
Brassica juncea. One of the largest mustard types we've ever seen. Beautiful large Japanese type. Purple-red leaves with a delicious strong, sharp, almost garlic-like, mustard flavor. Tasty stir-fried or boiled and makes a great pickling variety. Cannot ship to AL
  5cc Package ( hundreds of seeds ) $2.15
3315 Ailsa Craig Giant Exhibition
Giant show quality 2-5 pound onions! Globe Kelsae type, golden color skin, firm white flesh, sweet, 110 days. Grow them to impress your neighbors and win competitions, but also be sure to enjoy their wonderful flavor!
 50mg ( about 20 seeds per pack ) $2.50
PEP400 Super Heavyweight Bell Pepper
F1, Huge, 8-9", blocky, thick wall, green to yellow, sweet and crunchy, eat fresh or stuffed, 77 days.
Package of 5 seeds $2.95
PEP347 Colossal Bell Pepper
Huge peppers! Even bigger than Whopper, green to red, thick wall, 5 x 8" bells, delicious flavor, will really make your neighbors jealous! 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.25
PEP019 Chinese Giant
One of the most popular large, midseason mild peppers perfect for home garden. Bell-shaped fruits are large and blocky, with thick walls. ' Sweet-flavored peppers ripen to brilliant cherry red, averaging a huge six inches across and four to five inches deep. 90 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP079 Big Chile Hybrid
More chile in every sense! 8-10 inches long and weighing up to 4 ounces each!. Tremendous yields of mild green chiles in the Anaheim variety, but much larger than Ananeims, up to 40% larger.
15 seeds $2.15
JM110 Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
120 Days Grow for giant pumpkins. The present day record, for this variety is an amazing 2009 lbs. Fruits more than 500 pounds not uncommon. Fruit is round to flattened round, ribbed, with striking bright orange color. Seed cavity is small. Flesh is meaty, makes great pies.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 10 Seeds $2.95
W188 German Giant
29 days. Immense roots actually grow to the size of a baseball. Great mild flavor, never gets hot or woody.
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VH562 Giant Pink Banana Squash
Amaze your friends with this giant winter squash. Produces huge pink colored banana shaped fruits up to 30" long, shaped like a banana. Flesh is bright orange and sweet. Very flavorful.
  Package of 5 seeds $1.95
SF143 Lunga di Napoli Italian Winter Squash
A delicious long storage squash can easily reach 40 pounds or more! This butternut shaped squash is 2 feet long when mature. The fruit has green skin with grey streaks. The sweet orange flesh has few seeds and is delicious in soups or baked and served in slices. Fruit stores for a long time. 105-110 days.
 5 seeds $2.95
1A211 Marina di Chioggia Squash
The heirloom sea pumpkin of Chioggia, on the coast of Italy, The large turban shaped fruit are deep blue-green. It is one of the most beautiful and unique of all squash. A perfect variety for market gardeners. The rich, sweet flesh is a deep yellow-orange and of good quality, delicious baked or in pies. The fruit weigh about 10 lbs. each and are produced on vigorous vines. Stunning!
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
RTP429 Big Zac
This prize winner was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener who tirelessly sought the perfect cross-pollination of two heirlooms, finally creating this enormous tomato with fruits that repeatedly tip the scales at an amazing 4 to 6 lbs. We know that you'll love it for its quality and its size. An excellent tomato in every respect - meaty and delicious, very disease resistant, and true-growing each time it's planted. Furthermore, it has impeccable ancestors....a beautiful, red heirloom beefsteak-type, and a large, pink open-pollinated beefsteak heirloom.
Package of 5 seeds $2.95
RTP018 Beefmaster Hybrid
A hybrid strain of beefsteak type tomato on Indeterminate vines. Solid, meaty and flavorful bright red fruits weighing up to 2 pounds or more. Indeterminate. 75 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.75
RTP034 Brandywine
Amish variety dating back to 1885. Excellent fine flavored rose pink fruits to 1½ pounds on potato like vines. Days to Harvest: 100.
Package of 20 seeds $2.15
RTP104 Giant Oxheart
Large firm, meaty rosy pink fruits that weigh up to 2 pounds. Very few seeds. 90 days. Indeterminate.
Package of 20 seeds $2.15
RTP148 Kentucky Beefsteak ( Heirloom )
Enormous 2 pound deep orange and delicious fruits. 115 days. Indeterminate.
Package of 20 seeds $2.15
RTP192 Old German
An old heirloom variety producing huge boat shaped fruits weighing 2 pounds or so. Color is golden yellow with pink to red stripes that varies from fruit to fruit. Excellent for slicing.
Package of 20 seeds $2.15
RTP339 Watermelon Beefsteak ( Heirloom )
Giant, pink skinned fruits weighing 2 pounds or more with very mild flavor. Oblong shape similar to a watermelon. 75 days. Indeterminate.
Package of 20 seeds $2.15
IP130 Gigante
Wow! Giant 4" green globe tomatillos, useful in salsas combined with peppers, indeterminate, 99 days.
 18mg Package ( about 20 seeds to a pack ) $2.95
JM127 Black Diamond Red Flesh
40 pound fruits with dark green rind, sweet red flesh. Good shipper. When properly pruned, and soil and weather conditions are favorable, melons could reach 75-80 pounds in size.

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