Vegetable Seeds for growing Vegetables for Grilling and Roasting

When planning your garden, always be sure to include vegetables that are suited for grilling and roasting. They compliment any meat you are cooking, extend the amount of food and are delicious!

Grilled Asparagus Recipe

VG102 Asparagus: Mary Washington
Mary Washington Asparagus is a strong grower with large spears produced in spring. This asparagus is a favorite of gardeners that are looking for excellent taste. It is good for cooking and canning. Mary Washington is reliable and resistance to rust. The delicious asparagus shoots (called "spears") are tender, thick, heavy and straight and are of a rich dark green color with a purple tinge. They are uniform in size, about 10 inches in length. They have a delicate, delicious flavor when cooked. Asparagus is the earliest vegetable harvested fresh from the garden each spring. It is known for its flavor and nutrition. It's an excellent source of vitamin A, and contains significant amounts of vitamin C, riboflavin, phosphorus and calcium. One cup of cooked fresh asparagus contains only 30 calories! Asparagus is a perennial plant that comes back from the same root system each year. A productive bed of asparagus can last 15 years or longer. It needs well-drained, deep soil and plenty of sunlight; at least 8 hours daily.
 1.5g Package ( about 50 seeds to a pack ) $2.25

Cajun Grilled Corn Recipe

5015 Golden Bantam
The firm texture of the kernels and sugar content make this corn the best we tried at grilling.
Old heirloom standard yellow sweet corn that has been the home gardener's favorite since the beginning of the 20th century. A farmer named William Chambers of Greenfield, Massachusetts had grown this variety for years. After his death, a friend of Chambers found some of the sweet corn seeds and sold them to W. Atlee Burpee.
In 1902, Golden Bantam was featured in a Burpee catalog. Before 1900 most people thought that yellow corn was fit only for animal feed. Within a few years, people in the United States began to favor yellow corn.
The plants grow to about six feet and produce seven inch ears loaded with eight rows of sweet, plump, golden kernels. 78 days.
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  $0.95 per 10g pack ( plants about 30 feet of row )

How to Make Grilled Eggplant

5018 Black Beauty
We consider this the best eggplant for grilling because of it's size and flavor. Black Beauty is a very well-adapted open-pollinated variety, thriving in almost every part of the country. It boasts big yields of large, glossy, delectable fruit.
These large, glossy fruits are a deep purple so intense it looks black. They are borne in great numbers on plants 21 to 30 inches high, you can expect a dozen or so fruits per plant.

This is our favorite Eggplant variety. It tastes great any way that you prepare them.
They are wonderful fried, steamed, grilled, stuffed or added to your favorite spaghetti recipe.
A old heirloom variety eggplant introduced in 1902 by Burpee seed company. And still the worlds favorite eggplant.
These eggplants ripen to perfect fruits.They are much earlier than other varieties. They are large producers of dark glossy eggplant. Keep them picked and you will have abundant supply of fresh eggplants until fall frosts.

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  $0.95 per 375mg pack ( about 70 seeds per pack )

Martha Stewart's Grilled Onion and Pepper Recipe.

VS340 Large White Spanish Onion
Good onion for grilling, roasting. Flesh is white, sweet, mild and tasty. Skin is glistening white with a thin skin. Good winter keeper that produces bulbs that average a pound or more.
  Pack $1.95
VS330 Vidalia ( Short Day Type )
Makes a sweet, mild grilling onion. Large bulbed with thick flat globe shape. Excellent producer that is attractive and uniform. Used in Georgia to make the famous Vidalia onion.
F1 Short day, high yield, jumbo, dark brown, mild taste, resists pink root and fusarium, 160 days.
 200mg ( about 50 seeds ) Pack $2.25
IP062 Red Burgundy
Excellent slicing variety for salads or hamburgers and grilling. Red Burgundy onions produce large flattened globes 3 to 4 inches in diameter that are beautiful for slicing! Very mild and sweet flavor! Good for short term storage. This is a short day variety that matures in 95 to 165 days depending upon planting time, location and climate. Average water needs. Water regularly, but don't over water. Resistant to Botrytis and Pink Rot.
 900mg ( about 250 seeds ) Pack $2.25

How to Make Grilled Bell Peppers

How to Roast Peppers/Recipes ( Laura in the Kithen )

PEP015 Big Bertha Hybrid ( Sweet Roasting/Stuffing Pepper )
Outstanding Hybrid noted for it's extra-large size and superior quality. Large, long, seven-inch by four-inch, fruits feature thick walls and mostly four-lobed. Ideal for gourmet gardeners to use as stuffed peppers or for fresh market. The largest elongated bell available is produced on stocky plants, thirty inches tall. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP020 Chocolate Beauty Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
An excellent choice for roasting, grilling. A gourmet cook's delight: medium to large, very smooth, three and four lobed fruits rich to green for a very unique chocolate look. Extremely sweet and tasty. Immune to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 85 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP333 Golden Bell F1 Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Add a bit of color to your grill with these wonderful roasting/stuffing peppers. F1 hybrid, green to gold, thick walls, 3½ x 4", 82 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP244 Big Red ( Sweet Roasting Bell Pepper }
A wonderful open pollinated sweet bell with delicious flavor that grow surprisingly big, sweet, thick walled bells. 75 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP249 Antohi Romanian ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Tasty East European frying pepper. Jan Antohi was a touring acrobat when he defected to the US in late 1991, he visited his family in Romania for the first time in over 8 years, and came back with seeds of this delicious heirloom pepper. Smooth 4" long, 2" wide tapered, pointed fruits ripen from pale yellow to red. Upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily. Days to Maturity: 53 days pale yellow, 78 days red ripe.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP384 Chervena Chushka ( Sweet Roasting Pepper )
Bulgarian heirloom traditionally used for roasting; also delicious eaten fresh. Flesh is sugary sweet. Robust plants produce large tapered fruits measuring 2" wide by 6" long. Fruits ripen from green to brown to vivid red. 85 days from transplant.
 10 seeds $2.95
PEP374 Corno di Toro Yellow ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Thick wall, medium hot 6000 scoville, smoke this to get spicy wood taste, 1 x 2-1/2", 66 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP063 Cubanelle ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Sweet Italian frying type with delicious taste. Long, green, 2 to 3 lobed, thick-skinned fruits turn to yellow, then bright red at maturity. Peppers, 5-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches, are tastiest fried in oil. 65 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP064 Giant Aconcagua ( Sweet Pepper }
Flavor as sweet as apples! Gourmet chefs use them in salads, stir-fried, roasted and stuffed. Long fruits grow up to 11 inches and can weigh up to 12 ounces. Best flavor at light green stage. 70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP375 Griller ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
1-1/2 x 6", green turning red, spicy but not hot, excellent grilled, good cool weather performer, 72 days.
15 seeds $2.95
PEP125 Poblano ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 2500-3000 SU )
75 days Slightly hot with a sweet flavor. Dark green 6" x 3" fruits mature to a chocolate-green color. Thick-walled fruits are ideal for fresh use, stuffed, roasted, and used in rellanos or dried as an "Ancho".
15 seeds $2.15
PEP354 Sahuaro ( Mildly Warm to Hot Pepper 500 Scoville Units }
Huge, flavorful mild peppers. F1, Improvement on Big Chile II, large 9" long, strong plant, resists sunburn, for salads or roasted, mild 500 scoville, 68 days.
10 seeds $3.75
PEP382 Shishito ( Japanese Pepper for Tempura, Shish Kabob )
These glossy green peppers with the crinkly thin skin are petite like jalapeños, but with a mild, sweet flavor all their own. Grilled or pan-roasted and lightly salted, shishitos may make the easiest, most mouth-poppable snack you’ve ever had. Beware: one in every ten packs a spicy punch.
This medium early, small, sweet, thin-walled glossy green pepper is popular in Japan. The fruits grow up to 3-4" long. Plant has a spreading habit and produces prolifically. Good for garden, greenhouse and open field growing.
Also known as Wrinkled Old Man Pepper. 1/4 ounce peppers are crisp, thin skinned, for tempura, shish kabob, very productive, 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP072 Spanish Spice Hybrid ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Enticingly flavorful and aromatic when grilled or fried, this European import looks like green chili pepper, but has a pleasing spicy taste, rather than heat. Extra early fruits average 7 inches in length and are sensational when cooked are raw in salads, and add spice to any gourmet recipe. Exceptionally thin walls allow these peppers to cook quickly, making them excellent in stir-fry and recipes cooked with other vegetables. A heavy yielder. 63-38 days.
15 seeds $2.15

How to Make Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash

JF425 Green Griller Squash
Green Griller summer squash is rectangular in shape and when sliced the long way, is perfect to put on the grill and will not be difficult to turn over. It's unique shape and delicious flavor makes it a wonderful addition for the back yard griller. Green Griller features a low, open bush habit with low spine count. Intermediate resistance to Zucchini Yellows Mosaic Virus. 38 days from germination. Can be grown in patio tubs ( beside the grill? ) if preferred.
10 seeds $3.95
W142 Early Prolific Straightneck Bush
Heirloom. 42 days. AAS winner.
We prefer this one for grilling due to it's straight shape and delicious flavor.
This is the most productive strain for home and market gardens with high quality fruit that grows on a semi-bush with an open habit. The fruits are uniform, lemon-yellow, club shaped and lightly warted with firm, fine grained flesh. The quality remains good, even up to 1’ in length.
  $1.75 per pack ( 25 seeds per pack )
JF446 Tromboncino
Italian, light green to tan, 24+" long, harvest at any stage, rich flavor raw or grilled, vining, 80 days.
  10 seeds $2.95
W143 Black Beauty Zucchini
Heirloom. 52 days. This is our most popular zucchini. An early, very productive, bushy plant with an open habit. The blocky fruits are dark green and 6-8” long at their best quality. They turn almost black at maturity and are usable at almost every stage. The flesh is delicious, creamy white, tender and firm. The firm flesh and delicious flavor makes it our favorite zucchini for grilling.
 4g pack ( about 25-30 seeds ) $1.95

Grilled Tomatoes Recipe

RTP600 Bush Early Girl Hybrid
Extremely early patio type plant with 4" meaty, sweet tasting fruits. 54 days. Determinate.
of 10 seeds $2.75
RTP079 Early Girl
Produces meaty red fruits averaging 4-6 oz. Excellent color, texture, flavor. Perfect slicing tomato. 52 days, indeterminate.
Package of 20 seeds $2.95
RTP736 Fantom Hybrid VFF (Long Storage Type)
An extra firm variety that maintains it's delicate taste and flavor for months, even until Christmas. Vigorous plants grow almost anywhere with high yields of 7 ounce fruits. 70 days. Determinate.
Package of 10 seeds. $2.25
TRM311 Granny Smith Hybrid VFASt
Exceptional tart flavor with enough firmness to easily be diced for regular salsas without becoming mushy. Ripens green, with full tomato taste with slightly tart flavor, 8 ounces fruits. 72 days, indeterminate.
Package of 10 seeds. $2.75
RTP939 Manitoba
Red 4 oz. bush type, great excellent type, high yield, firm, sweet, for fresh market or canned, 60 days, determinate.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95