Helleborus ( Christmas Rose ) Seeds ( Perennial )

TRM250 Christmas Rose ( Helleborus niger )
Christmas Rose should added to all outside gardens to add color in winter when other plants are dormant. Christmas Rose has a rugged, coarse-textured, leathery, shiny green foliage that remains attractive year-round. The plant is stemless, herbaceous and can be used as a ground cover that reaches 12 to18 inches tall and spreads about the same across. Christmas Rose flowers bloom in early winter to early spring with white flowers that might be tinged with pink. Christmas Rose plants are a perfect addition to give a garden some winter color.

The flower seeds require a cold treatment to germinate. You can either sow them on the ground where you will be growing them permanently or sow the seeds in pots, and then bring the pots in after a month or so of freezing weather. The freezing will encourage them to germinate more easily. If you choose to sow the Christmas Rose flower seeds indoors, freeze the seeds for 3 - 6 weeks to break dormancy, then plant the flower seeds in starting medium. When the plant is around 2 inches tall, transplant to the permanent place. Helleborus Niger plants can take up to 3 years to flower when grown by seeds. Christmas Rose is a poisonous plant.

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