Lettuce Seeds

Useful gardening information

Soil P H 6.0 to 7.0 - Sow seed in early Spring, as soon as soil can be worked. This occurs about four weeks before last expected Spring frost. Plant 1/8 inch deep in a wide row, 6 inches apart in all directions. Make sure soil contains a good supply of nitrogen for good leaf production. Lettuce may be started inside and transplanted into the garden for an earlier crop. Lettuce needs cool weather to do well. In warm weather, lettuce turns bitter and quickly goes to seed. Plant every two weeks for a continuous harvest all summer long. Make early plantings in full sun.
As soon as the weather warms up, start planting in partial shade. During the summer, a good spot to grow lettuce is against the house on the side that receives the morning sun, or in the shade of taller vegetables in the garden. Weed frequently, as lettuce has shallow roots and can't compete with deep rooted weeds.
Make sure to plant lettuce in the fall, as it is extremely productive at this time of the year. Lettuce can be grown in containers, and does well in one with a soil depth of 9 to 12 inches.

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4BUR42 Burpee's Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf ( From Burpee Seed Co. )
Heirloom. Even after 150 years it's one of the most tender leaf lettuces.
45 days. Hugely popular for over 150 years, it's one of the most tender and delicately flavored leaf lettuces ever bred. The ruffled leaves are large with an appealing green color. "Simpson" is well adapted to a wide range of climates and is still the best for early spring sowing.
  1.5g pack $1.99
4BUR38 Burpee's Bibb Butterhead ( From Burpee Seed Co. }
The sweetest Bibb lettuce ever!
Soft heads are creamy yellow inside. Best in cooler regions. 75days. The sweetest Bibb lettuce ever! The tender, dark green outer leaves are tinged with brown. Slow-bolting. Burpee Bred.
  1.5g pack $2.29
4BUR36 Burpee's Salad Bowl ( From Burpee Seed Co. }
An old time favorite, the Heirloom Green Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce is slow to bolt and tolerant to heat. This "All-America Selection" winner from 1952 is delicious and does not get bitter as it matures. It is also a steady grower even in warmer climates.
  800mg pack $2.69
4BUR112 Burpee's Iceberg A ( From Burpee Seed Co. )
Introduced in 1894, it defined a whole new class of lettuce.
Crisp firm leaves grow in compact, medium-sized heads. Light green fringed and heavily ruffled outer leaves with hearts that blanch to silvery white. Grows best in cool weather. The classic crisphead lettuce. Ready to harvest 85 days after sowing seeds.
  1g pack $2.29
SF107 Artic King
Arctic King is a variety of heirloom Butterhead lettuce. This Lettuce is very easy to grow and produces a light green crispy leaf. Arctic King gets its name from its ability to withstand frosts and the winter cold with minimal cover in zones 5-10. It is considered one of the hardiest of all lettuces

Arctic King can be planted in September or October in southern zones and grown as a winter crop. Plant as soon as the ground can be worked in spring in northern zones for an early spring crop or in late summer for a fall crop.
For a continuous season of Arctic King lettuce all summer, plant every 2-3 weeks. It is slow to bolt when the summer heat arrives and cutting will extend the growing season.

  400mg pack ( a few hundred seeds ) $2.25
TPF210 Tom Thumb Lettuce
A miniature butterhead type lettuce producing tiny ( perfect size for one person ) heads of sweet flavored lettuce.
  $2.95 per 1g pack ( several hundred seeds per pack }

Nursery Trade Packs

TRM177 Australian Yellow
Bright glossy yellow, heat tolerant, crisp, for bold salads, 58 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM178 Blushed Icy Oak
Crisp bright pink blushed tri-lobed leaf, juicy midribs, lots of flavor, 60 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM179 Cracoviensis
Heirloom, "red celtus", open head, elongated purple tipped leaf, vigorous, very unusual, 60 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM180 Flame
Broad, frilly loose-leaf, crimson flame-like hue, holds color, slow bolting, 50 days.
  2,500 seed pack $9.95
TRM181 Galactic
Very dark red, very compact, lightweight, resists downy mildew, baby 30 days, full size 58 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM183 Mascara
Heirloom frilled dark red oakleaf, highly productive, great flavor, slow bolter, strong disease resistance, 58 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM184 Merlot
Deep purple, fuzzy edge, crisp open head, savoyed leaf, resists mildew, frost tolerant, 58 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95
TRM185 Red Velvet
Darkest red leaf, bottom is maroon with green tinge, slow bolting 7" x 12" head, looseleaf, 55 days.
  2,500 seed pack $12.95
TRM186 Samantha
Brick red oakleaf, crisp, compact, very tasty, fresh market favorite, 58 days.
  1,000 seed pack $8.95

Mesclun Mixes

4BUR45 Burpee's Mesclun Spicy Mix ( From Burpee Seed Co. )
Spicy and tangy salad mixture. Consisting of 20% each of arugula, endive, red looseleaf lettuce, and mustard. Harvest in 21-35 days.
  1.5g pack $2.79
4BUR47 Burpee's Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix ( From Burpee Seed Co. )
Beautiful blend of Heirloom greens.
A tender, mild flavored blend of leaf veggies for early spring salads. Mouth watering, time-tested heirloom varieties in red (Ruby lettuce, Bull's Blood beet) and bright green (Bloomsdale spinach, Simpson lettuce, Tendergreen mustard). Plant them and then pick them all together, starting when the leaves are about 3" long. As beautiful in the garden as they are sweet in the salad bowl. 35 days. Full sun. Burpee Exclusive.
  2g pack $2.79