Peanut Seeds

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Peanut seeds are planted one to two inches deep, one every six inches or so apart, in rows about three feet apart. The seeds do best in sandy soil, especially soil rich in calcium. When the soil temperature is warm (65-70 F.) given enough water the seeds will sprout. In about two weeks, the first "square" of four leaflets will unfold above the peanut field. Thirty to forty days after emergence the plants bloom, "pegs" form and enter the soil. The peanut shells and kernels develop and mature during the next 60 to 70 day period. Depending on the variety, 120 to 160 frost free days are required for a good crop.

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Peanut Seeds

TCB010 Jumbo Virginia
Extra-large peanuts with rich flavor. Jumbo Virginia is a tasty peanut with 1 or 2 extra-large nuts per pod. For maximum productivity, the vines need to be frost free for 4-5 months and grow best in well-drained soil. Under favorable conditions, plant yields 50-60 pods. Produces in about 105 days.
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  $2.95 per 28g pack ( About 35 seeds per pack )
TRLJ003 Tennessee Red Valencia
110 days. Old heirloom variety dating back to 1930. Rich, sweet peanuts with red skins. 2-3 seeds/pod. Easy to grow without hilling, even in clay soils. An early variety for those who have trouble maturing Virginia-type peanuts. Peanuts are sold in shell to preserve seed freshness. Our 50 gram pack will sow about 60' of row.
Cannot ship to CA or Canada.
  $3.95 per 50g pack ( Seeds sold in pods, about 35 pods per pack with 2-3 seeds per pod )
TRLJ001 Schronce's Deep Black
110 days. NC gardener Gordon Schronce has been selecting this strain since 1980. Seed stock from SESE. A black peanut selected for larger seeds with darker (violet-black) skins than Carolina Black and 3-4 seeds/pod. Gordon's favorite way to serve these is to fry up a mix of black and red peanuts in canola oil. Peanuts are sold in shell to preserve seed freshness, remove seeds from shell before sowing. Cannot ship to CA or Canada.
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TRLJ002 Carolina Black
110 days. A rare heirloom black-skinned peanut from N. Carolina. Carolina Black produces sweet tasting, black-skinned peanuts that are slightly larger than Spanish peanuts. Averages 2 peanuts per shell. Peanuts are sold in shell to preserve seed freshness.
Cannot ship to CA or Canada.
  $2.95 per 10g pack ( Seeds sold in pods, about 10 pods per pack with 2 seeds per pod )