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Ornamental/Edible Popcorn Seeds

Z2806 Miniature Colored Popcorn
6-7' plants yield 2-3 adorable, multi-colored ears averaging 3-4" each. Space seeds 4-5" apart for denser stands and smaller ears. Also suitable for popping.
  $1.95 per 4g pack ( about 50-60 seeds )
1A044 Mini Blue Ornamental Popcorn
A very attractive mini size popcorn that is blue in color. Ears are 4-6" long. Excellent popcorn. 25-30 seeds per pack.
  $1.95 per pack
1A317 Cutie Pops Popcorn
100 days. Multicolored miniature popcorn. Use as a 4 in./10 cm Indian corn for dried bouquets or harvest tiny rainbow colored seeds for miniature popcorn.
  14g pack, about 100 seeds. $3.95 per pack
VL373 Strawberry Popcorn
Tiny 2" ears of deep maroon popcorn. A must for flavor and ornamental appeal. 25 seeds per pack.
  $1.95 per 1.5g pack ( about 20-25 seeds )
TPF204 Robust 997 F1 Hybrid Popcorn
7-8" ears on 8-9' plants with glossy, deep yellow kernels. Its high (45:1) expansion ratio makes it an extremely tender popcorn. Ears may also be used for fall decorating. The best variety for corn shoots.
  $2.25 per 12g pack ( about 100 seeds )