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Ornamental/Edible Popcorn Seeds

TST085 Italian Heirloom Popcorn
Are you looking for a popcorn that will replace the delicious popcorn taste you knew growing up? This is a classic 'yellow' popcorn, which pops to large, fluffy-white tasty morsels. Consistent production and wonderful flavor mark this Italian selection. 100 days.
  $2.50 per 4g pack ( about 30 seeds )
TST066 White Hulless Hybrid Popcorn
The best popcorn for first time growers. Small white kernels pop up tender with no hard centers. Grows just like sweet corn except let the ears remain on the stalks until they get dry, tan and brittle. 110 days.
  $2.95 per 12g pack ( about 90 seeds )
TST106 Dakota Black
Beautiful maroon black colored kernels. 90 days. 4½ inch ears, great flavor. 15 rows per ear. 6 ft. stalks, 1 ear per stalk, above-average pest resistance. 105 days.
 11.8g pack ( about 70 seeds per pack ) $2.95
TST107 Dynamite
Also known as South American Yellow. High yields and great buttery flavor makes this a farmer's market best seller. Sturdy 5 ft. stalks produce 2-3 ears with 12-14 rows of big kernels for easy popping. 110 days.
 11.5g pack ( about 80 seeds per pack ) $2.95
TST108 Pennsylvania Butter Flavored
Pre-1885 heirloom popcorn maintained by the Pennsylvania Dutch. Introduced 1988 by SESE.
Flavor is superior to commercial popcorn. Produces white-kerneled ears, averaging 2 per 8 ft. stalk. 4-6 in. ears with 26-28 rows of kernels, 1½-1¾ in. at the butt, tapering to 1 in. at the tip. 110 days.
 11g pack ( about 90 seeds per pack ) $2.95
Z2806 Miniature Colored Popcorn
6-7' plants yield 2-3 adorable, multi-colored ears averaging 3-4" each. Space seeds 4-5" apart for denser stands and smaller ears. Also suitable for popping.
  $1.95 per 4g pack ( about 50-60 seeds )
1A044 Mini Blue Ornamental Popcorn
A very attractive mini size popcorn that is blue in color. Ears are 4-6" long. Excellent popcorn. 25-30 seeds per pack.
  $1.95 per pack
1A317 Cutie Pops Popcorn
100 days. Multicolored miniature popcorn. Use as a 4 in./10 cm Indian corn for dried bouquets or harvest tiny rainbow colored seeds for miniature popcorn.
  14g pack, about 100 seeds. $3.95 per pack
VL373 Strawberry Popcorn
Tiny 2" ears of deep maroon popcorn. A must for flavor and ornamental appeal. 25 seeds per pack.
  $1.95 per 1.5g pack ( about 20-25 seeds )
TPF204 Robust 997 F1 Hybrid Popcorn
7-8" ears on 8-9' plants with glossy, deep yellow kernels. Its high (45:1) expansion ratio makes it an extremely tender popcorn. Ears may also be used for fall decorating. The best variety for corn shoots.
  $2.25 per 12g pack ( about 100 seeds )