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Sweet sorghum syrup has been produced in the United States since colonial days. Some sweet sorghum syrup has at one time or another been produced in every one of the contiguous 48 states. Sweet sorghum is grown extensively for syrup production in the southeastern states.

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AW49 Black Amber Sorghum
This heirloom is one of the earliest molasses sorghums known. 6-8' stalks bear shiny black seeds and make fine brooms. A good intercrop for pole beans and peas.
One of the earliest sweet canes introduced to American agriculture. Milky sweet, used primarily as a syrup sorghum. Can also be used as a silage crop. 99 days.
  2g pack ( about 125 seeds ) $2.95
TPF220 Sugar Drip Sorghum
One of the earliest-maturing varieties for the South, and one of the most widely grown varieties in the southern mountains. Grows 6-8 feet tall, susceptible to lodging if not harvested early. Used for early production of very good quality syrup. 102 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF221 Iowa Sweet Sorghum
A very sweet sugar cane type, about 9 ft. tall with juicy stalks. Preserved for years at Sand Hill Preservation Center. 125 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF222 Sand Mountain Sorghum
An heirloom variety from Alabama. Makes excellent syrup, and the seeds can be ground to make pancake floor. Seeds are plump and starchy, and canes are juicy and slightly sweet.
Strong stalks grow to 8-11 feet. This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States. 105 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF208 Sugar Cane ( Sorghum Variety, Rox Orange )
Not to be confused with sugar cane grass grown in Florida ( Saccharum ) for sugar production.
Rox Orange, or Waconia, is a medium-early maturing variety that was developed for syrup production by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. It has also been grown for silage in the Upper Midwest. Rox orange is a great variety of sorghum for making a delicious syrup.
The "sugar" refers to the sweet variety of this cane compared to types grown only for forage. Grow this old time sorghum favorite for forage or syrup, pieces of mature cane heart can be chewed like candy. Seeds can even be popped like popcorn. Grow same culture as corn, but prefers well drained sandy loam. Grows to 8 ft. tall and matures in about 110 days.
Can be cut for silage after 70-80 days, or be used for livestock grain if left to full maturity. Best adapted to well drained loam. Will mature in any area with a long enough growing season for corn.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 10g pack ( about 500 seeds ) $2.95
3447 Red Head Sorghum ( Broomcorn )
Red head, for fresh or dry fall decorations, hand-tied brooms, crafts. Grows about 5 feet tall.
  750mg pack ( about 40 seeds per pack) $2.25
AW48 Topper 76-6
This is the sorghum used to make molasses for those delicious cookies and breakfast biscuits! Matures in 120 days. Will mature in any area with a long enough growing season for corn. Grows about 10 feet tall. Seed heads can be used in birdfood blends.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  4g pack ( about 175 seeds per pack) $2.25