Sweet Everlasting Seeds

Sweet Everlasting ( Gnaphalium obtusifolium ) is also known as Rabbit Tobacco and Indian Posy. It is an annual or biennial wildflower that is commonly used in dry flower arrangements as it will hold shape and fragrance for a very long time.
The white bloom of the sweet everlasting forms a tightly packed, rounded-cylindrical structure that is arranged in a sparse, branched cluster atop the terminal shoot of a slender, green, cottony stem. Leaves are long, needle-like, and are covered in a whitish down on their underside.

The Menominee Indians used smoke from burning leaves to revive people who had fainted. The fragrant smoke was also thought to be useful in warding off evil spirits and bad dreams while reviving memories. It was chewed to relieve mouth sores and also to treat dysentery, coughing, ulcers, sprains, bruises, delirium, and fever.

Useful gardening information
The preference is full sun, mesic to dry conditions, and a friable soil containing sand or silt. A little shade is tolerated. The seeds require light to germinate.
Cold stratifying seeds for 60 days will increase germination time and rate.
Seeds need light to germinate.
SF133 Sweet Everlasting ( Gnaphalium obtusifolium )
This everlasting flower plant makes a good plant for xeriscapes as it tolerates dry soil very well. Grows 2-3 feet tall with slightly off white flowers that are excellent for dry arrangements.
This plant is attractive to the Painted Lady Butterfly and the leaves are aromatic when crushed, making a nice potpourri component.
  55mg Package ( several hundred tiny seeds ) $2.75

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