Pepper Seeds

A note from one of our customers:

Just a note to let ya know , I am so pleased with these seeds that I ordered , so many of them are already coming up ...:-) thanks Cindy

For many generations, there have only been a handful of different types of pepper seeds available to the home gardener, but now there are literally hundreds of varieties available. While the old open pollinated varieties we knew years ago were fairly easy to germinate, many of the types we have acquired over the years are more difficult and demanding.
Not to worry, as long as you follow our guidelines, you should have excellent results.
Please read the following notes on pepper seed germination before buying our pepper seeds, not following our guidelines will void our replacement warranty.

Never use peat pellets for germinating pepper seed.

Peat pellets are okay for tomato seed and vegetable seed in general and a few types of pepper seed will germinate in them, but for some reason, most pepper seed will not germinate well, if at all in peat pellets, we suspect it is the pH in the peat, plus the fact that peat tends to stay soggy and holds too much moisture against the seed, literally drowning it.

Always maintain a steady temperature of 80-85°F daytime and no lower than 70 degrees nighttime while seeds are germinating.
If you cannot provide this, you will probably not get germination from many varieties, especially the chili types.

Be careful how deep you plant the seeds.
Never plant over 1/4" deep.

Do not keep soil too wet.
Be very careful about overwatering, pepper seeds cannot tolerate wet soil!

Remember! Different pepper types take different lengths of time to germinate. Some hot varieties can take 2 or more weeks longer that bell types.

A note from one of our customers:

Dear Jim,
Your seed starter kit has been great!
Tequila Pepper seeds were 10 for 10 in germination and I now have Ivory Pepper sprouts. Both were CAPE Smoke soaked and planted in your seed starter kit.
Thank you very much,

Rack Cross, Blountville, TN, Zone 6b

We now offer a line of Super Hot Peppers
PEP399 Aji Crystal( Spicy Hot Pepper )
Chilean origin, 3-1/2" long, waxy fruit, light green to yellow to scarlet, hot spicy citrus flavor, makes super salsa, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25
IP237 Aji Limon Gold( Spicy Hot Pepper )
Incan native, fruity medium hot flavor, tapered ½" x 2", 50-100 fruits per plant, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP282 Alma Paprika ( Paprika Pepper )
(70-80 days) Home-prepared seasonings are all the rage these days, and paprika is a kitchen staple that's easy to grow and process. We recommend this variety-the best paprika we've found for drying, grinding, or just plucked straight from the prolific plants and eaten fresh. Thick-walled, sweet fruits start out creamy-white, then mature to orange, and finally red.
10 seeds $2.50
PEP077 Anaheim Chili ( Chile Type Mildly Hot Pepper 3000 Scoville Units )
One of the most popular of the chili peppers. Two celled, medium hot fruits, with medium-thick dark green flesh, ripening to bright red. Continuous bearing, high-yielding, vigorous, bushy, upright, 24 to 30 inch plants provide good foliage cover. Tasty, canned dried, fried, or pickled. 75 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP731 Ancho Gigantea( Spicy Hot Pepper )
Heavy producing plant with delicious huge ancho peppers. Heart shaped, 2 x 4", green to nearly black, spicy, 3000 sco, 85 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP249 Antohi Romanian ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Tasty East European frying pepper. Jan Antohi was a touring acrobat when he defected to the US in late 1991, he visited his family in Romania for the first time in over 8 years, and came back with seeds of this delicious heirloom pepper. Smooth 4" long, 2" wide tapered, pointed fruits ripen from pale yellow to red. Upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily. Days to Maturity: 53 days pale yellow, 78 days red ripe.
15 seeds $2.15
2680 Apache Red Patio Chile Pepper ( Ornamental Very Hot! Pepper 80000 Scoville Units )
F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 3" long fruits all summer, green turning red, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP001 Baby Belle ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
These tasty tiny (2" by 2-1/2) sweet bells will certainly be the hit of any salad bar and are just the extra touch for that special gourmet dish. Easily grown in 5 gallon containers. These mostly 4-lobed, emerald green beauties waste no time in turning bright red at full maturity. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 68 days.
 Package of 20 seeds $1.95
PEP732 Banana Supreme ( Slightly Hot Pepper, 1000+ SU )
F1 Hybrid. A Hot banana on steroids, very high yielding plants produce a load of 2 inch by 8 inch hot but with a touch of sweetness peppers.
Young fruits are not hot at all, but get hotter as they mature. Plant grows only 22 inches tall and makes a fine plant for patio pots. 65 days
10 seeds $3.50
PEP754 Bella Yella ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
F1 Hybrid. Brilliant Yellow, ideal 4 x 4" size, blocky thick wall, superior taste and crunchy texture, disease resistant, 72 days.
10 seeds $3.50
BM23 Bhut Jolokia ( World's Hottest? ) ( Very, Very Hot Pepper! 1,000,000 Plus Scoville Units? )
Very hard to find plants. "Ghost" pepper, alleged to be the world's hottest , use with caution, wrinkled scarlet red. Asian origin,1½", 95 days, said to have been tested out at over one million scoville unit, we recommend using extreme caution handling this one.
Bhut Jolokia seeds are a little more difficult to germinate than standard peppers, requiring a little more attention to water and heat requirements. They also take considerably longer than other seedlings to sprout and put on growth, sometimes as long as 36 days for germination and 70 before reaching a good transplant size.
Package of 5 seeds, $2.95
Bulk Package of 100 seeds, $29.95

We have Bhut Orange Copenhagen in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP015 Big Bertha Hybrid ( Sweet Stuffing Pepper )
Outstanding Hybrid noted for it's extra-large size and superior quality. Large, long, seven-inch by four-inch, fruits feature thick walls and mostly four-lobed. Ideal for gourmet gardeners to use as stuffed peppers or for fresh market. The largest elongated bell available is produced on stocky plants, thirty inches tall. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP079 Big Chile Hybrid ( Chile Type Mild Hot Pepper 1500 Scoville Units )
More Chile in every sense! Tremendous yields of mild green chiles in the Anaheim variety, but much larger than Anaheims, up to 40% larger.
10 seeds $3.95
PEP371 Big Green ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Hefty 4-1/2" x 4" glossy dark green, juicy firm thick flesh, high yield, 75 days
10 seeds $2.15
PEP081 Big Jim ( Chile Type Mild Hot Pepper 2000 Scoville Units )
Large, medium-hot, fleshy, tapered fruits, 6 to 10" long, weigh up to 4 oz. Sturdy 24-30" plants yield 24-30 pods per plant which tend to ripen all at the same time. Flowers well, even when hot and dry. 75-80 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP244 Big Red ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
A wonderful open pollinated sweet bell with delicious flavor that grow surprisingly big, sweet, thick walled bells. 75 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP389 Bird ( Very Hot Pepper! 105,000 Scoville Units )
1 x 3/4" oval, famous Mexican chile type, multipurpose, 91 days.
10 seeds $2.25
PEP737 Birds Beak ( Hot Pepper! 15-30,000 Scoville Units )
Long, very narrow, cayenne type, smoky flavor, Mexican native, plants have small tree-like form 36" tall, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.45
PEP745 Bishops Crown ( Mid heat with sweet, tangy flavor )
Also known as Joker's Hat, Friar's Hat, Orchid, Christmas Bell, Balloon, Aji Flor, and other names. Bishops Crown Pepper is named for its distinct three-sided shape resembling a Bishop's Crown.
Bishops Crown are tangy, sweet and fruity, with bit of heat, but not so much as hurt the flavor.
Changes from green to red, from Barbados, extra hot, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.95
FB183 Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper
( Edible, but mostly used for ornamental pots and baskets )
AAS, Fleuroselect, Foliage starts green, turning black, hot fruit matures red, great accent for pot or garden. Grows 10" tall, fruits in 16 weeks.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95

We have Bonda Man Jacques in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP372 Bull Nose Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Crisp flavor, small bell, green to orange to red, old heirloom grown by Jefferson, 75 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP738 Burning Bush ( Very Hot! 180,000 Scoville )
F1, "Chichen Itza" type, wrinkled peach colored lantern shape, earlier than habaneros, 1-1/2" x 3", 180,000 Scovilles, 85 days.
Package of 5 seeds $3.95
PEP383 Cajun Belle ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
AS, Early, Sweet Cajun flavor, 2 x 3", 3 or 4 lobe, green to red, compact 24" plant for large patio pot, very disease resistant, 60 days.
10 seeds $2.75
3372 Calico Pepper ( For Ornamental Use )
Variegated stable tricolor leaf, compact heat tolerant plant, extremely hot fruit, 68 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
California Wonder ( Sweet Stuffing Pepper )
Still the standard of the sweet bells, deep green to red, thick-walled with a attractive glossy flesh. Fruits are medium sized, four inches by four inches, three to four lobed, smooth and blocky. A nice stuffing pepper, high yields are born on high twenty-eight inch plants. 75 days. Note: The price of this item has been slashed to Ninety Five cents per pack! To order this and fifty other vegetable seed selections for only 95 cents per pack, please visit our GoodCentsVegetables Seed List.
PEP370 Caloro ( Mildly Hot Pepper )
1 x 2" conical, medium hot, thick wall, green to yellow to orange, fresh or pickled, disease resistant, 20" plant, patio or garden, 85 days.
10 seeds $2.75
TRN672 Candy Cane ( Sweet Pepper )
Unique green-yellow striped snack pepper, turns red, variegated leaf to boot, thin walls for desired crunchiness, greate taste, 70 days.
10 seeds $3.95
BM25 Cappa Round Red ( For Ornamental Use )
Base branching, cutflower type, multiple strong stems, sprays of oval fruit, green to red. Grows about 30" tall, good container plant.
Package of 10 seeds, $3.95
PEP084 Caribbean Red ( Very Hot Pepper! 300,000 Scoville Units )
What's the hottest pepper you can name? Red Habenero? Red Savina? Not even close! It's our personal belief that none of these scorchers can hold a candle to the heat generated by Red Caribbean's wrinkled little fruits. Officially, the jury still may be out on the world's hottest pepper, but we've seen Caribbean Red come out on top test after test, against scores of other peppers around the world. Blunt, tapered, 1-1/2" fruits rate twice as hot as a typical commercial variety and can be used green, although they will be a little less sweet if harvested early. Plants grow to 30". 110 days. We've seen many different tests, and some have indicated these can go over 300,000 Scoville units, seriously, handle these fruits with gloves, you don't want to rub your eyes after handling these!.
15 seeds $2.15

We have Carolina Reapers in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP733 Cascabel Chile ( Spicy, Mildly Hot Pepper )
The Cascabel is also known as the Rattle Chilli and the name refers to the shape of the chile as well as the sound the seeds make when a dried chile is shaken. Cascabels are moderately hot and have a nutty flavor with a rich tannic and slightly smoky nuance.
The chili is grown in many states of Mexico and has a sweet flavor that pairs well with any meat, chicken or fish. The chiles can be hydrated and blended into a paste or sauce. 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25
PEP388 Cascabella ( Spicy, Mildly Hot Pepper )
Conical 1 x 2", yellow to orange, medium thick wall, for fresh salad or pickled, spicy, not too hot, 73 days.
10 seeds $2.25
PEP359 Cayenne Blend Ornamental Mix ( Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
Add some dramatic flair to your garden with this well-balanced blend of Cayenne varieties in a rainbow of colors - red, orange, yellow, purple and green. All peppers are similar in shape and texture, with firm, tapered, 3 inch fruits that keep their color when dried. Very ornamental but edible as well, requiring only average soil and occasional watering to produce prolific yields.
15 seeds $2.95
PEP739 Cayenetta F1 ( Mild, Spicy Pepper )
Perfect patio plant for large pot, mildly spicy 3-1/2" chili, well branched, heat tolerant, high yield, great flavor, 79 days.
10 seeds $3.95
TRN449 Cayenne Golden ( Medium hot heat with good flavor )
A versatile and attractive plant. This medium hot cayenne pepper develops beautiful, smooth-skinned golden fruits that are really ornamental as well. Peppers need to develop some size, 4 to 6 inches long, before heat develops.
Use to flavor Creole and Cajun cuisine, or to spice up Southwestern dishes. You can substitute these in most dishes calling for serrano, jalapeño, or habanero peppers.
Dry fruits and grind to create a beautiful golden chili powder. Easy to grow and tolerant of hot, humid weather, Golden Cayenne produces peppers all summer.
80 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP086 Cayenne Large Red Thick ( Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
Quite, hot, thick-fleshed fruits, 6 inches by 3/4-inch. Used dried, pickled, or in sauces. Concentrated sets of fruits - wrinkled and tapered in curve - are pendantly born on upright plants, ripening from dark green to a brilliant bright color. 75 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP087 Cayenne Long Red Slim ( Hot Pepper 20000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
These long, slender, wrinkled, very hot peppers are especially good for pickles, canning and drying. Brilliant red peppers are no thicker than a pencil. Fiery red, makes excellent chili and home salsa. Two-celled fruits start out dark green, and then ripen to a bright red color. 72 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP415 Chablis ( Sweet Frying and Salad Pepper )
No, it's not a seed mix, Chablis is a single pepper plant with delicious fruit that matures from gleaming ivory to golden-orange to brightest red!
Thick-walled and ultra-sweet, these bells look great and taste terrific. So now you can have a mix of colors from a single plant!
These blocky bells measure 3 inches across and 4 inches long, with thick walls, glossy skins, and beautiful shapes. They begin green, but turn white quite quickly, and are ready to harvest at any stage after that. Pick some pure white, let others mature to citrus shades of gold and orange, and reserve a few for ultra-nutritious ripeness and beauty at pure red.
Chablis is a very vigorous pepper, as its early maturity suggests. It stands up to tobacco mosaic virus and bacterial leaf spot effortlessly, which makes for healthier growth and bigger crops. This plant reaches about 18 to 24 inches high, very well-branched and productive. Give it some support to hold up its big crops!
Chablis peppers are good for slicing, stuffing, and cooking. They keep their color nicely, and the supersweet flavor just gets better with a little heat. 65 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP349 Cherry Bomb ( Mildly Hot Pepper 2-5,000+ Scoville Units )
F1, early, productive, 2-1/2" round hot red cherry, pendent fruits, very hot, fine for patio, 84 days. Great pepper for pickling.
Available only in Treated Seed.
5 seeds $2.75
PEP384 Chervena Chushka ( Sweet Roasting Pepper )
Bulgarian heirloom traditionally used for roasting; also delicious eaten fresh. Flesh is sugary sweet. Robust plants produce large tapered fruits measuring 2" wide by 6" long. Fruits ripen from green to brown to vivid red. 85 days from transplant.
 10 seeds $2.95
2681 Cheyenne Orange Patio Chile Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 4" long orange fruits all summer, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP352 Chi-Chien ( Very Hot Pepper! 70,000 Scoville Units )
This is a hot pepper from the Chinese subcontinent. Chi-Chien produces thin-skinned red peppers that can be used fresh for cooking or dried for storage and future use. The medium size peppers are popular for cooking in many hot spicy Chinese foods. This variety is also an ideal ornamental plant in the gardens due to its striking and brightly coloured pepper pods. 90 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP750 Chilaca Mexican ( Negro ) ( Mildly Hot Pepper )
Also known as Pasilla Bajio, this pepper has a little heat and also a slightly sweet, mild, rich-flavor, the pods start off green and ripen to a wrinkled chocolate brown. They contain only 1,000 to 1,500 Scoville units.
The name Pasilla actually refers to the chile in its dried form, Pasilla meaning raisin in Spanish, a reference to the colour of a fully ripe pasilla. Fresh pasillas are called Chilaca, they are also simply referred to as 'chile negro', meaning black chile. Other Spanish names for Pasilla Bajio include Quernillo, Pasa And Prieto.
The plants grow from 24 to 36 inches tall and the fruits mature in 80 to 85 days. The fresh narrow chilaca can measure up to 9 inches long and often has a twisted shape, which is seldom apparent after drying. It turns from dark green to dark brown as it matures and ripens.
Pasilla bajios are commonly toasted and crumbled for use in numerous Mexican sauces including mole, the holiday sauce famous in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and the red sauce of enchiladas.
10 seeds $2.25
TRN647 Chili Pie Hybrid ( Mildly hot pepper )
2017 AAS Winner! A unique miniature, 2 by 2-1/2" bell that is mildly hot when fruits mature to red. Compact plants yield 25 to 30 fruits each, have attractive dark green foliage and are able to set fruit even under hot, humid conditions. Perfect when eaten fresh or cooked. Easy-to-grow and performs well in containers and small gardens. 65-70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
BM27 Chilly Chili ( For Ornamental Use )
AAS - F1, 10" high, sweet, child safe, yellow turning red, for 4 to 6" pots. Grows about 10" tall, good container plant.
Package of 10 seeds, $3.95
PEP734 Chinese 5 Color ( Medium Hot Pepper )
A colorful ornamental and edible hot pepper. The conical peppers grow to about 1-2" and are best known for their multiple color changes as they ripen through the season. Colors include purple, red, yellow, orange, white and various shades in between. Plants also have purple tinted foliage which contrasts so beautifully with the fruits. Flavor is quite hot and the peppers can be used just as any hot pepper.
Plant has green stems with purple markings, green leaves with purple veins, and purple flowers. A very beautiful ornamental plant suitable for indoors. 70- 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25
PEP019 Chinese Giant ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
One of the most popular large, midseason mild peppers perfect for home garden. Bell-shaped fruits are large and blocky, with thick walls. Sweet-flavored peppers ripen to brilliant cherry red, averaging a huge six inches across and four to five inches deep. 90 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP373 Chipotle ( Mildly Hot Pepper )
Thick wall, medium hot 6000 scoville, smoke this to get spicy wood taste, 1 x 2-1/2", 66 days.
15 seeds $2.25
PEP020 Chocolate Beauty Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
A gourmet cook's delight: medium to large, very smooth, three and four lobed fruits rich to green for a very unique chocolate look. Extremely sweet and tasty. Immune to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 85 days.
15 seeds $2.15

We have Chocolate Bhut and Chocolate Bhutlah in our Super Hot Peppers List

We have Chocolate Scorpion in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP735 Ciliegia Picante ( Spicy hot stuffing/grilling pepper )
Don't let the name fool you. This little pepper's name translate roughly to 'little cherry', but the locals also know it as Baccio de Satana, or 'Satan's Kiss'. An Italian golf ball sized red pepper that is actually quite spicy, traditionally stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella then grilled. A premium Italian heirloom not often seen here in the U.S. 85 days.
10 seeds $2.25
New! PEP347 Colossal Bell Pepper ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Huge peppers! Even bigger than Whopper, green to red, thick wall, 5 x 8" bells, delicious flavor, will really make your neighbors jealous! 65 days
Package of 10 seeds $3.25
PEP061 Corno Di Toro Red ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 20000 - 35000 Scoville Units )
"Horn of the Bull" peppers are imported from Italy and feature fruits 8 to 10" long, curved much like a bull's horn. Ripens to a gorgeous red cone at maturity, perfect fresh or cooked. Excellent size and taste. Tall, vigorous plants. 72 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP374 Corno di Toro Yellow ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Thick wall, medium hot 6000 scoville, smoke this to get spicy wood taste, 1 x 2-1/2", 66 days.
15 seeds $2.15
TRM322 Count Dracula ( Somewhat Hot Pepper at about 25000 Scoville Units )
A wonderful novelty type plant with great hot pepper flavor! Jet black leaves and purple flowers create a striking display on sturdy, 2 feet plants. Adding to the drama are 2" long, black fruits which ripen to blood red. The peppers look like small, 2" jalapenos, only they are black, ripening to blood red. With a rating of 25,000 scovilles, these unique peppers will please those with a hot pepper craving. Maturity 110 days.
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PEP331 Cowhorn Pepper ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 5000 - 10000 Scoville Units )
Cowhorn shaped thick curved pods, 8" long, green to red, 75 days
  Package of 15 seeds $2.25
PEP063 Cubanelle ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Sweet Italian frying type with delicious taste. Long, green, 2 to 3 lobed, thick-skinned fruits turn to yellow, then bright red at maturity. Peppers, 5-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches, are tastiest fried in oil. 65 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP391 Cute Stuff Red Pepper ( Sweet Bell Pepper)
Sweet mini-bell, 2-1/2" x 3" red, very high yield, great for stuffing, fine patio plant, onlg grows about 21" tall, 57 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP751 Czech Black ( Medium Hot Pepper )
This heirloom from Czechoslovakia comings a great combination of flavor, heat and color. A highly ornamental and culinary hot pepper that combines the qualities of earliness, adaptability, flavor, and color. Has green foliage accented by purple veins and white-streaked lavender flowers.
Fruits average about 1" x 2-1/2" are blunt conical shape and are medium hot when red. Plants grow about 3 feet tall with upright branches. The showy red fruit at the base and purple black fruit at the top contrasts with purple green leaves. 75 days.
10 seeds $2.25
PEP387 De Arbol Chile ( Mild to Moderately Hot Pepper 20,000 Scoville Units )
3 x 3/8" anaheim type, green, thin wall, dries red, spicy flavor for sause/soup, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25

We have Douglah 7 Pot in our Super Hot Peppers List

TRN444 Devils Tongue ( Extremely hot, over 300,000 shu )
The pepper has a long curved shape that is reminiscent of a tongue and very hot, hence the name Devils Tongue. The pepper is yellow in color and closely related to the Habanero Pepper with a slightly sweet taste.
The pepper is a member of the Habanero family and possibly was developed from other Habanero strains and Fataliis. It has a fruity and citrus like composition and a nutty flavor with very thick walls ( if you survive the heat ).
10 seeds $2.95
TRN646 Durango Hybrid ( Mildly hot pepper )
Attractive 6-1/2 to 8" fruits mature to bright red then dry to a deep burgundy-black with excellent dry weight compared to similar varieties. Peppers are mildly hot with a Scoville rating of 2,500 to 5,000. High yielding plants are strong and healthy providing good cover for the fruit. Great when harvested and eaten fresh in salsa or dried and later ground into powder from making sauces, spreads or rubs. Highly resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and intermediate resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot. 70-80 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP091 Early Jalapeno ( Hot Pepper 25000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
Very hot, ideal for Mexican dishes. Deep green fruits mature to red. Sausage- shaped fruits, 3-1/2 inches by 1-1/2 inches, are also perfect for pickling. Just- like Jalapeno, except earlier and better adapted to cool, coastal conditions. Compact, non-brittle bushes. 60-65 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP392 Jalapeno La Bomba Pepper ( Medium Heat Pepper, around 5000 Scoville Units )
F1, 2.75 x 1" green, 18" tall perfect for patio, sturdy plant, great flavor, medium heat, continuous yield, 56 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP332 Emerald Giant ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Large 4½ x 3½" thick flesh, green turning red, heavy yield, 76 days.
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TRM945 Fajita( Spicy Hot Pepper )
Savor some spice with a bell pepper that offers a little heat. Fajita Bell is mild like Cajun Belle and Mexibell, adding a tasty zip to dishes. Bell shape 3½" x 4", green turning red, ideal to make fajitas, 72 days.
10 seeds $2.75

We have Fatalii Yellow, Red and Chocolate in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP023 Fat-N-Sassy Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Huge and it doesn't take long to produce! Ten days less wait and as huge as the best selling whopper improved! No sweet bell pepper beats this in early maturity and huge size! Sweet and crunchy, about 4-1/2" x 4-1/2", it's thick walled and blocky. Upright plants reach about 22" in height, and perform well under a variety of conditions. Tolerant to TMV and PVY. 61 days.
12 seeds $2.95
PEP365 Favorit Orange Pepper ( For Ornamental Use )
Green/Black turning Orange. Ultra compact, dark leaf, -1/2 x 1-1/2" fruits, great potted plant for holidays, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP315 Fish Pepper ( Medium Hot Pepper )
A medium hot pepper. Beautiful green and white variegated foliage on 18-24" plants. Pendant fruits 2-3" long, ripen from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to all red. Traditionally used in oyster and crab houses around the Chesapeake Bay. Perfect for salsa. 80 days from transplant.
Package of 10 seeds $2.15
TRM946 Flaming Flare( Mildly Hot Pepper )
AAS, F1, First hybrid Fresno type, glossy red 4 x 1" pointed fruit, perfect for chili sauce, 15 fruits per plant, resists TMV, mildly hot, 75 days.
10 seeds $3.95
PEP350 Fresno Chile ( Hot Pepper, Around 20-30,000 Scoville Units )
1 x 2-1/2", smooth tapered, vigorous 28" plant, TM resistant, green to red, good pickler, very hot, 75 days.
15 seeds $2.75
PEP407 Japanese Fushimi ( Sweet and Spicy )
An easy to grow sweet pepper with long, slender, 6" fruits that are usually used when green. The fruits have a unique shape, usually with a dimpled and somewhat twisted top. Most popular for tempura, but can be used for grilling, pickling and for salads. The plants are very prolific and the green peppers can be used at earlier ripening stages allowing for quick and full crops. Very popular in Japan as well as in other parts of Asia. 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
TRM976 Garden Salsa Hybrid ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 3000 Scoville Units )
A hybrid chili developed specifically to capitalize on the popularity of Mexican sauces. Fruits are 8 in. wide by 1 in. across and are usually picked green to use in salsa. Ripens to deep red. Classed as medium-hot, although will get hotter in dry weather. Tobacco Mosaic Resistant. 73 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
TRN111 Georgescu Chocolate( Sweet pepper )
Sweet, 2 x 4", Romanian heirloom, green to chocloate, thick flesh, 75 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP274 Georgia Flame ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 15000-30000 SU )
75-80 days. A medium-hot pepper with spicy flavor. Makes a nice salsa. Deep red peppers are 1 3/4-2 inches at the shoulder tapering to 6-8 inches long. From the Republic of Georgia.
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PEP064 Giant Aconcagua ( Sweet Pepper )
Flavor as sweet as apples! Gourmet chefs use them in salads, stir-fried, roasted and stuffed. Long fruits grow up to 11 inches and can weigh up to 12 ounces. Best flavor at light green stage. 70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
JF530 Giant Golden Horn Hybrid ( warm to mildly hot )
Giant Golden Horn F1 is a Corno di Toro type that features fruits that are approximately 9.5" x 3". Dark green in color turning to yellow at maturity. Suitable for greenhouse or open field production.
Plant produces good yields of golden orange Anaheim type hot peppers. Peppers are mildly hot and turn from green to golden orange when mature. This variety has excellent large, thick walled fruit and is slower to mature compared to other Hot Hungarian varieties. Plant has green stems, dark green leaves, and white flowers. Excellent for roasting, pickling, stuffing. 85 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
5 seeds $3.95
PEP096 Goat Horn ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1000-5000 SU )
This variety is very popular in China and Southeastern Asia for cooking and pickling uses. Plants are vigorous and very productive, setting lots of peppers over a long period of time. Easy to grow. Also a good variety for container plants on backyard.
Long, curled, pepper is medium-hot pepper is deep green, turning to cherry red with maturity. Plentiful fruits are 5 inches long 1 inch thick. 70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP753 Goddess F1 Hybrid ( Sweet Banana Pepper )
Sweet banana for pickling or fresh eating.
Long, thick-walled, smooth fruits are borne on large plants. Avg. 8-9" long, the fruits are mild when yellow and moderately sweet when they ripen red. Best for pickling due to their mild flavor but also suitable for fresh market. Widely adapted.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP333 Golden Bell F1 Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
F1 hybrid, green to gold, thick walls, 3½ x 4", 82 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP027 Golden Calwonder ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Very similar to California Wonder, except fruit ripen to beautiful, golden-yellow. Add wonderful color to salads and dishes. Smooth, glossy fruits. 72 days.
15 seeds $2.15
TRM893 Golden Hot Hybrid ( Slightly Hot Pepper, 3000+ SU )
This hybrid variety produces bright green peppers, which will turn into bright golden color when fully matured. Fruits are cylindrical and tapered, 0.5" x 5", smooth shiny and thick wall. The pepper is very pungent and good flavor, excellent for fresh and processing markets. Plants are very productive and bear lots of fruits for a long time. Plants with green and golden fruits are very beautiful. An excellent plant for home gardening and container growing. 80 days.
10 seeds $2.50
PEP336 Golden Marconi ( Sweet Pepper )
3 lobe, golden, sweet thin skin, 11 x 1½", 90 days, frying or fresh.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.15
PEP356 Golden Nugget Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 20000-35000 SU )
Beautiful ornamental variety for borders, specimen plants, or pots. Variegated foliage, hundreds of golden yellow fruits, good for pickling or drying. 75-85 days from transplant. Medium hot flavor.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
TRN518 Greek Golden Pepperoncini Pepper ( Very mild, about 2000 SU )
Classic garnish for sandwiches, pickling, or Greek salads. Golden color before maturing, 1-1/2 x 4" peppers change from golden yellow to red. 75 days
Package of 10 seeds $2.50
PEP375 Griller ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
1-1/2 x 6", green turning red, spicy but not hot, excellent grilled, good cool weather performer, 72 days.
15 seeds $2.95
PEP334 Guajillo ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 5000-7500 SU )
Mid-hot, 6 x 1", distinctive flavor, great dried, 85 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP098 Habanero ( Very Hot Pepper! 300000 SU )
This family is the hottest of the hot, Capsicum Chinese, reportedly 1,000 times hotter than Jalapeno. Native to the Yucatan, 1" by 1-1/2" lantern shaped pods, with thin, wrinkled, light green flesh, ripen to a golden-orange. Slow to germinate, must be grown in warm, moist conditions. A Caribbean favorite. Plants grow 36" tall. 95 days.
15 seeds $2.15
JF424 Habanero Xaman Rojo( Very Hot Pepper! 200,000 SU )
Xaman Rojo F1 Hybrid Habanero displays a deep red colored skin and typical habanero shape that measure an average of 4-5 cm long. Xaman Rojo F1 features high uniformity and is very aromatic and Extremely hot!! This Habanero averages a whopping 200,000 Scoville units and has intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Beautiful and vicious!
10 seeds $3.95
TRM947 Habanero Big Sun( Very Hot Pepper )
Matures bright gold, African origin, large, wrinkled, very hot fruity flavor, bushy plant, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP385 Habanero Magnum Orange ( Very Hot Pepper! 210000 SU )
Brilliant orange, large bonnet shape, uniform, highly productive, loads of perfect peppers, very hot! 93 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP412 Chocolate Habanero ( Very Hot Pepper! 220000 SU )
An outstanding hot chile pepper made superior in every way through quality breeding. Expect very high yields of crunchy, 2 1/2" fruits, velvety brown inside and out, and packing some serious heat. Who knew that a pepper this hot could be so flavorful? But it is. Supersized fruits are extra versatile in the kitchen, adding just the right kick to stir-fries, salsas and sauces. 93 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
PEP414 Peruvian White Habanero ( Very Hot Pepper! 300000 SU )
A lovely and rare variety that is hard to come by and said to originate from Peru. These firey hot lantern shaped peppers grow on small, but very high yielding bushy pepper plants with the creamy-white colored pods measuring approximately 2 inches long by 3/4 of an inch in diamater. If you like searing hot chiles, this one will make you very happy as they have been rated at over 300,000 scoville heat units. 100 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
PEP328 Healthy ( Sweet Pepper )
Russian variety introduced to U.S. gardeners by SSE in 1993. Early maturing 24-30" plants are loaded with sweet wedged-shaped fruits, 2½" at the shoulder by 4" long, ripening from yellow to orange to red. Developed at the Institute of Vegetable Breeding and Seed Production on the west edge of Moscow. 70 days from transplant.
10 seeds $3.95
TRN082 Himo Togarashi ( Tangy, slightly bitter Japanese Pepper )
Himo Togarshi is a specialty green pepper that is a Yamato dento yasai, which means it has been selected as a Nara perfecture traditional vegetable. The pepper grows 4-6" long and up to .25" in diameter (less than the diameter of a pencil). The peppers hang down on the plant and look like strings or himo in Japanese.
Like other Japanese peppers, they are not very hot and spicy. In fact, they are just a bit bitter in our opinion, but are wonderful in rice dishes. 90 days.
10 seeds $3.50
TRM705 Holy Mole ( Tangy, Spicy Pepper, 1300 SU )
F1 Hybrid. Plant produces good yields of 9" long by 1 ½" wide chocolate brown hot peppers. Peppers are mildly hot, have thick walls, and turn from glossy dark green to chocolate brown when mature.
Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Used to make the Mexican Mole Sauce. Also can be dried and ground. 85 days.
10 seeds $3.50
PEP746 Hot Cherie ( Was Big Bombee ) ( Mildly hot stuffing pepper)
Hot Cherie F1 (formerly Big Bombee) is a large (2-2.5" average ) hot cherry pepper that is perfect for stuffing, pickling and processing. Green to red ripening. Great tasting and easy to pick. 70 days.
10 seeds $3.95
PEP394 Hot and Happy Mix ( Mix of Mildly Hot to Hot Pepper 5000-20000 SU )
Mix of range of hot peppers, all colors and shapes, varying heat, for the bold and adventurous.
  200mg Package ( about 35-40 seeds ) $2.95
PEP376 Hot Banana ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 5000-7500 SU )
Banana shape, yellow turning red, 2 x 6" tapered, spicy, use fresh, canned, or pickling, 64 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.25
PEP752 Hot Paper Lantern ( Hot Pepper, 150,000-300,000 SHU )
Earlier and more productive than regular habaneros. A habanero for the North.
Grows larger and ripens earlier in the North than regular habaneros, but with all the same kick. These 4 inch lantern-shaped peppers heat up the garden with a beautiful color display, ranging from lime green through orange to red as they ripen, before raising the temperature of your favorite dishes. Great for seasoning, salsa, hot sauce or roasting.
Magnificent, elongated and wrinkled, lantern-shaped fruits are 3-4" long. Bigger than our regular habaneros, they pack the same mouth-blistering heat. 70 days lime green, 90 days red.
10 seeds $2.95
3531 Hungarian Apple ( Warm to slightly hot pepper )
Round 2" apple-like shape, cream to red, thick crunchy flesh, great flavor, medium hot, 78 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP030 Hungarian Sweet ( Sweet Pepper )
68 days. Tapering 6 in. x 1-1/2" long, fruit is light yellow, maturing to red. Good for pickling.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP406 Italian Nocera Giant Bell( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Absolutely enormous peppers on adaptable plants with great flavor. They grow well for home gardeners and greenhouse growers. The peppers are 7" long and 3" wide with a blocky shape. They are green ripening to yellow and weigh up to 1 lb. The plants protect the fruit from sunscald.
Available only in Treated Seed.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP748 Italian Sweet Roaster ( Mild roasting pepper )
These plants produce lots of 7-8" long x 1", curved peppers with a wondeful mild, but a bit warm flavor. Peppers grow green to red, great grilled or in salad, good yield, 85 days. To cook on the grill: brush the skin of each pepper with olive oil, place the peppers on the grill, cover and cook until tender, about 10 minutes, yummy!
10 seeds $2.95
PEP411 Jalapeno Gigantia ( Mildly hot pepper, 5000 or more shu )
Plant produces good yields of 5" long hot peppers. Peppers are mildy hot, have thick walls, and turn from glossy dark green to scarlet red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers.
Usually used when green. Favorite type for slicing, stuffing, grilling, or pickling. Good for making salsa. Ideal for cutting in half and filling with cheese. 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP744 Jalapeno Orange ( Mildly hot pepper, about 5000 shu )
Orange version of the Jalapeno that is brilliant orange, with excellent flavor. Peppers average about 2.75 x 1".
75 days.
10 seeds $2.95
Jalapeno M ( Very Hot Pepper! 3500-5000 SU )
The best-known pickled pepper, and a favorite for Tex-Mex dishes nationwide. Green pods 3 inches long. 72 days Note: The price of this item has been slashed to Ninety Five cents per pack! To order this and fifty other vegetable seed selections for only 95 cents per pack, please visit our GoodCentsVegetables Seed List.
PEP410 Jaloro ( Mildly hot pepper, about 5000 shu )
This is quickly becoming one of our favorite peppers. The Jaloro is a hybrid version of the jalapeno, created by the Texas Agriculture Extension Service in 1992. It is basically a yellow jalapeno, but turns red if left un-harvested for long enough. It can be used at any stage of its maturation, but is commonly used while yellow. The heat is slow to build, then shoots up and slowly drops off.
Excellent pickled, for salsa or any Mexican dish. The Jaloro is juicy and meaty, with thick walls. It tastes like a regular jalapeno but slightly more fruity. 75 days
10 seeds $2.15
PEP103 Jamaica Scotch Bonnet ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-350000 SU)
Flavor is smoky and fiery hot. 120 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP355 Jamaica Scotch Bonnet Red ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-350000 SU)
Super hot, oblong 2" bonnet shape, for hot Caribbean dishes, tastes like Habanero, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25
TRM824 Japanese Sapporo Hot ( Medium hot pepper)
This medium-hot pepper is a Japanese specialty. Fruits set downward growing to 5" long. These peppers can be used fresh for cooking if harvested young, while they are still green. Mature fruits are best dried. 90 days.
5 seeds $2.25
PEP319 Japones Hot ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-35000 SU )
Ultra hot, used in Szechwan spices, red 2" x ¼", large clusters of 6-8 pods, upright bush, 80 days.
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PEP405 JB Jalapeno Hybrid( Very Hot Pepper! 3500-5000 SU )
JB features 4-1/2 to 5" dark green, smooth fruit. JB is a strong, productive plant. Mildly pungent aroma. High yield of commercial sized fruit (4" x 1-1/2"). Good for fresh market and excellent as a processor type. Deep green to blue green, may experience purpling in cool weather harvest periods. Intermediate resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Telfairia Mosaic Potyvirus. Early maturity: 72-75 days for green, 80 days for red fruit.
Available only in Treated Seed.
10 seeds $2.95

We have Jays Ghost Scorpion in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP749 Joes Long Cayenne ( Mildly hot pepper, about 5000 shu )
Bright red fruits are excellent for homemade hot sauce and dry well for ristras and delicious, dried hot pepper flakes. The 8-10" long, thin-fleshed fruits taper to a skinny point.
60 days green, 85 days red ripe.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP743 Jimmy Nardello's ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
(80-90 days) A sweet frying pepper, with long, 8 to 10" fruits, that are mild, sweet, and just a little spicy. Tapered fruits on bushy plants, turn bright red at maturity. Flavor is distinctive without being overwhelming. A favorite for cooking and eating raw.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP377 Jingle Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Lunch box size, crisp and sweet mini bell peppers in a blend of healthy bright colors. Highly prolific stocky plants bear golf ball size blocky fruits ripening from green to yellow, orange, red and chocolate.
Excellent fresh flavor, can be stuffed with olives and feta cheese or with cabbage and then pickled. Weighty plants. 60 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP379 Jumbo Sweet Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
F1 Giant 4 x 7", green to crimson red, 3-4 lobe, -1/2 lb+, thick wall, crispy sweet flavor, resists TMV, 72 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP034 Jupiter Sweet Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
One of the best of the non-hybrid , open pollinated varieties ever released. Large, blocky, 4-lobed, sweet flavored fruits have thick green walls that ripen to red. Widely adapted and Tobacco Mosaic Virus tolerant, sturdy 30" plants with a dense leaf canopy to protect high yields. 70 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
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PEP351 Jwala ( Finger Hot Indian ) ( Hot Pepper, Around 20-30,000 Scoville Units )
Popular Indian type, umbrella plant, green turning red, wrinkled 1 x 4", for fresh market or dried, very hot, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP038 King Of The North ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
The huge, blocky shape of these thick walled, bright fruits makes them a popular choice for stuffing, 6 inches long by 4 inches across. Mild taste becomes even more mellow as fruits mature. Bears in a hurry. 68-70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
TRN579 Lady Choi ( Hot Pepper, we estimate about 20K Scoville Units )
A new selection made available by Kitazawa. This versatile Korean chili was developed in partnership with Namu Gaji restaurant chef Dennis Lee. Originally from his aunt's farm in Korea, it is delicious in all stages. The dried chili is one part of the classic pepper blend gochukaru.
Spicy, but still flavorful, the green chilies are served with doenjang, or pickled whole in a soy brine. A moderately thick membrane, this pepper is juicy and hot when fresh, and bright when dried.
70-80 days.
5 seeds $2.95
PEP395 Lady Finger ( Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units )
Glossy red 10" cayenne, perfect for hot sauce or dry into red pepper flakes, tolerates cold weather, high yield.
75 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP396 Lemon Chile ( Medium Hot Pepper )
Glossy red cayenne, perfect for hot sauce or dry into red pepper flakes, high yield, tolerates cold weather, high yield, 75 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP363 Little Elf Pepper ( For Ornamental Use )
Compact 14" tall, tiny -1/2" fruits in clusters, yellow to purple to orange to red, a cacaphony of color at any time, 70 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
TRM769 Loco ( Hot pepper, about 24000 shu )
Compact branching plants that carry a heavy yield of oval fruits which ripen from purple to bright red.
The upright fruits appear above the foliage and the spread maturity presents a colourful display. 85 days.
5 seeds $2.95
TRN085 Manganji ( Mild Japanese pepper )
Manganji pepper is one of the designated traditional specialty vegetables of Kyoto, Japan. These vegetables are called kyo yasai or dento yasai. Many of these vegetables have existed for hundreds of years. This Japanese pepper has a thicker wall than the fushimi and shishito peppers. Fruits average 6" long, mild flavored and not spicy. The pepper skin is shiny with distinctive wrinkles at the stem end. 80 days.
10 seeds $3.50
PEP066 Marconi ( Sweet Pepper )
Traditional long red sweet peppers, imported from Italy. Large plants bear tasty, 3-lobed fruits which grow up to 12" inches long and 3" across at shoulders. Good green or mature red for salads and for frying. 70-72 days.
10 seeds $2.15
TRM520 Mariachi Pepper( Mildly hot Pepper )
Big on color and flavor but small on heat!
2006 All-America Selections winner. It's the perfect pepper when you want a blast of color but just a hint of heat. The compact 18-24" plants yield loads of 4", coned shaped fruits that change brilliantly from creamy yellow to bright red all summer. The taste is spicy but only mildly hot. Freeze to provide fresh spicy peppers all winter. Early and continuously productive. Compact plants for patio, 66 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95
TRN101 Marzano Red ( Slightly hot pepper )
Near apple shape, turns red, perfect for mid hot salsa, 20,000 scoville units. 80 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP321 Maule's Red Hot ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-30000 SU )
We are proud to offer these for the first time. From the William Maule Seed Company of Philadelphia. Heavy yields of 6-10" cayenne type peppers, great for hot sauce. 80 days from transplant. Seeds from SSE.
Package of 10 seeds $2.25
PEP273 Miniature Chocolate Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to chocolate brown. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.50
PEP271 Miniature Red Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to red. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 15 seeds $2.50
PEP272 Miniature Yellow Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to yellow. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 15 seeds $2.50
PEP353 Mirasol ( Mildly Hot Pepper 3,000+ Scoville Units )
This is a real beauty! Known for its distinct berry like, fruity flavor. Their full bodied flavor enchances potatoes chicken, and pork. Spices up extremely hot salsas, stews, escabeche, yellow mole, and sauces. Upright clusters, 2 x 5", thin skin, medium hot, 77 days.
10 seeds $2.75

We have MOA Scotch Bonnet Jamacian Mushroom in our Super Hot Peppers List

2682 Mohawk Gold Patio Pepper ( Ornamental Sweet Bell Pepper )
Compact 20 inch tall, dwarf plants, ideal for growing in containers, in the greenhouse or on a sunny patio outdoors. Sweet Pepper Mohawk produces a huge crop of small, delicious, block-shaped green fruits which ripen to a bright yellow, standing out amongst the glossy dark-green leaves.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95

We have Moruga Scorpion Red in our Super Hot Peppers List

TRM521 Mucho Nacho Pepper
F1, Jumbo jalapeno, 4", heavier, milder than others, green to red, virus resistant, fine for patio, 4000 scoville units, 69 days.
This jalapeno is fatter and longer than the standard jalapeno—and hotter, too! Vigorous plants yield lots of hot peppers that ripen to red when fully mature. Use some green and leave some to ripen for a pretty addition to your favorite dish.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP107 Mulato Isleno ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1500-2000 SU )
A section from our Ancho 101 Chili pepper but at maturity turns a deep, chocolate, brown. Perfect for Mexican cuisine, like chilies rellanos. Fruits measure 6 in. in length and by 3 in. in width, with a flattened tip. Rather mild heat, making it ideal in sauces are fresh. Good resistance. 80 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP317 Mustard Habanero ( Very Hot Pepper! 200000-300000 SU )
A unique colored habanero offered by Seed Savers. Productive 32" plants produce ultra hot peppers. 95-100 days from transplant.
15 seeds $2.95
PEP397 Nippon Taka ( Hot Pepper! 30,000 Scoville )
F1, Cluster harvesting, over 200 fruits per plant, ½ x 3" bright red, upfacing, virus resistant, very decorative, 130 days.
10 seeds $2.95
TRM703 North Star Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
An extremely early hybrid, ideal for the short season areas. Plants are particularly adapted to set blocky fruit even under unfavorable conditions. Deep green fruits come bright red at full maturity. Tobacco Mosaic Resistant. 60 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP337 Numex Sandia ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 2500-3500 SU )
Hot Anaheim, 6½ x 1½", 78 days.
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We have Orange Bhut Jolokia in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP338 Orange Sun ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Solar orange, 4 x 4", 3-4 lobe, very tasty fresh or fried, 75 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.35
JF448 Orange You Sweet ( Sweet Pepper )

F1 Hungarian Cheese type, round, smooth ribbed, thick wall, green to orange, perfect for stuffing/pickling, 67 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
TRM512 Orient Wonder Oriental Cooking Pepper ( Sweet Oriental Cooking Pepper )
A new hybrid sweet pepper introduced recently in Asia. Fruits are in light green color with gloassy and smooth skin, 20-30 grams in weight, 3.5 cm x 9 cm in dimension and taper in shape. Thick flesh is sweet and delicious, excellent for salads and stir-fry. Plants are medium tall and are strong resistant to disease attacks. Easy to grow. 80 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP390 Padron Pepper ( Warm to hot Pepper )
Unique Spanish novelty, pimento shape, 5 percent of fruits are hot, rest mild if picked at 1-1/2", but all hot if grown to 2-3", great sauteed, 60 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.15
PEP265 Ornamental Pumpkin Pepper ( Ornamental Pepper Non-edible )
A Very Unique Ornamental. 105 Days. The Pumpkin Pepper is a must have for the serious fall crafter. It is a pepper, that when it’s dried, it takes the shape of a mini pumpkin. These small peppers look so much like real, miniature pumpkins that you’ll be fooled. They will get hard, hold their shape and not mold when they are dried. The plants will get 16-20” tall and if spaced 18” x 36” each plant can produce at least 35 fruit/plant. The fruit will ripen from a green to red color and if left in the field they will bleach to a burnt orange. They will take several light frosts in the fall without damaging the fruit. For easy drying, cut the plants and hang them up with the fruit attached.
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PEP111 Pasilla Bajio ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 500 SU )
The "Chile negro" pepper so popular in the Southwest and Mexico when used fresh. While classified as a hot pepper, Pasilla ("little raisin") has almost no heat. Fruits have a berry, almost herbal, flavor, and add a zest to sauces, soups, stews and dishes. Strong, upright plants produce heavy yields of uniforms, 8 to 10 in. pepper, thin-walled, slender, very dark blackish-green maturing to dark-brown. Easy to grow. Good resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 78 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
10 seeds $2.15

We have Peach Bhut Jolokia in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP068 Pepperoncino ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 250-500 SU )
The little Italian peppers found pickled in gourmet produce departments. Our strain is imported directly from Milan, Italy, and is unsurpassed for purity and for productivity. Abundant yields of thin, yellowish green fruits turing red when mature, most often used in the young golden stage, 2 to 4 inches long, sweet until late maturity. Perfect for canning. Plants are vigorous, reaching a height of about 30 in. 72 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP339 Pepperoncini Italian ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 250-500 SU )
Mild, wrinkled Italian type, for eating fresh or pickled, 62 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.35
PEP005 Pequin ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-150000 SU )
The numerous, very hot, ( can go over 100,000 scoville units! ) pendant fruits of this bushy plant can grow up to 4 inches long useful for flavoring hot sauces, hot oils, and chilies. Plants can be overwintered indoors. 105 days.
15 seeds $2.15
3309 Peter Pepper
( A medium Hot Pepper 5000-30000 SU )
It is absolutely the novelty of the garden. Special heirloom red 'anatomical' hot peppers. Thought to originate out of the Appalachian region. In addition to the novel shape, this is actually a fine tasting pepper with plenty of heat. Besides being a real conversation piece, it is a good cooking pepper that has a thick fleshy pod that is fairly hot with a unique spicy flavor. A slow germinator, can take up to 4 weeks to germinate.
 Very rare seeds. 5 seeds per pack $3.95
PEP205 Pimento ( Sweet Pimento Pepper )
Heavy walled, heart shaped fruits measuring 3½" x 2½". Smooth dark green color matures to a deep, rich red.
Package of 15 seeds, $2.25
PEP340 Pimento L ( Sweet Pimento Pepper )
Dark red, heart shape, delicious sweet fruits, 5 x 2-½", thick wall, 75 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.35
PEP757 Pinot Noir ( Sweet ornamental bell pepper )
5" blocky, thick wall, color morphs from pale green to berry shades to fruity violet, great flavor, weather tolerant, 68 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP755 Piquillo( Spicy, sweet pepper )
Traditionally piquillo peppers are grown in Northern Spain and are hand picked then roasted over open fires. The peppers are then peeled, all by hand then packed in jars or tins. The roasting of the pepper gives it a rich, spicy-sweet flavor. 75 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP125 Poblano ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 2500-3000 SU )
75 days Slightly hot with a sweet flavor. Dark green 6" x 3" fruits mature to a chocolate-green color. Thick-walled fruits are ideal for fresh use, stuffed, roasted, and used in rellanos or dried as an "Ancho".
15 seeds $2.15
PEP210 Portugal Fire ( Very Hot Pepper! 50000-75000 SU )
Tall plants loaded with 7 inch, shiny dark green fruits that mature to a deep red color. Very hot! 65 days.
Package of 15 seeds, $2.25
PEP364 Prairie Fire Pepper ( For Ornamental Use )
Edible ground cover, grows only 10" tall, -1/2 x 1" above foliage, cream to yellow to red, fruity flavor, 55 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
TRN086 Prik Chi Faa ( Medium Hot Japanese pepper )
These Thai chili peppers are considered medium hot. The peppers have smooth glossy green skin that turns red at maturity. They grow about 5 to 7" long and weigh a little less than 1 ounce. 75 days.
10 seeds $3.50
PEP048 Purple Beauty ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Special purple color for gourmet chefs. Fruits are blocky, thick walled and dark purple. Compact plants set heavily, with good cover from sunscald. 70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
3285 Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper ( For Ornamental Use )
Branches explode into display of long slender fruits, purple to red. For garden or large patio pot, vigorous habit, long lasting color display, high germination, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP306 Purple Jalapeno ( Hot Pepper 5000-10000 SU)
75 days. A large, Jalapeno pepper that turns deep-purple before maturing to red. Full Jalapeno flavor and heat; great for salsa and other Mexican foods. Plants are both productive and ornamental.
Package of 15 seeds $2.95
PEP380 Red Bountiful ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
High yield, 4 x 5", thick flesh, sweet for salad or stuffing, green to red, perfect for home garden, 72 days.
10 seeds $2.75
PEP311 Red Cap Mushroom ( Red Squash ) Pepper ( Very Hot Pepper! 30000-50000 SU )
Fairly hot fruits. Abundant, thin walled fruits are ideal for pickling or drying. Fruits ripen from green to red on 24-30" plants. Does well in pots. 90 days from transplant.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP006 Red Cherry Large Sweet ( Ornamental Sweet Pepper )
This is the tasty, sweet cherry pepper that you find on many salads bars. Medium to thick-walled, 1 by 1-1/2 inch fruits mature from dark green to red. Round fruits, slightly tapered, hang freely from 18-20 inch compact plants. Perfect for pickles. 78-80 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP115 Red Cherry Large Hot ( Hot Pepper 5000-10000 SU )
Red cherry-sized peppers perfect for pickling. Sturdy, upright plants, 18 to 24 inches, produce warm to medium hot, round fruits, up to 2 inches in diameter. 78 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP241 Red Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-30000 SU )
A compact plant excellent for containers and hot, 60-80 thousand Scoville heat units!. 80 days. Pepper grow to 1 1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide, tapering to a blunt point. Plants grow to 20 inches.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP342 Red Hot Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 25000-40000 SU )
Medium green turning red, thin wall, ½ x 2½", 82 days, one of the best chili types.
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FB184 Red Missile Ornamental Pepper
( For Ornamental Use ) Compact F1, 2" tapered fruit turns cream to orange to red, for containers or gardens, very early. Grows 10" tall, fruits in 16 weeks.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP309 Red Ruffled Pimento ( Sweet Pimento Pepper )
A favorite sweet pimiento with thick, juicy walls. Great for fresh eating, this plant produces clusters of peppers, 8-10 per plant. Fruits are oval, with ridges, similar to a pumpkin's shape.
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2781 Ring of Fire Cayenne ( Very Hot! Pepper 70000-85000 SU )
Classic cayenne shape with fiery flavor. Hot, straight and tapered fruits turn red when ripe. Plant produces abundantly. Good dried or fresh. Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost. Transplant when soils are warm, spacing seedlings 12-18 inches apart. Enrich soil with mature compost. Needs warm conditions day and night to germinate and fruit well. Harvesting tips. Red when ripe, pick at the peak of color.
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2782 Rio Grande Hot Chile ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 2000-5000 SU )
Prolific and medium-hot variety, this is an all-around garden chile. Fruits are slightly larger than Jalapeno but milder. Excellent processing pepper for sauces, drying or freezing. Fruits turn from yellow to orange to a red hot. Fully ripe when red.
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PEP759 Giant Ristra Hybrid ( Hot pepper, about 40000 shu )
This super cayenne producer yields impressive numbers of foot-long fruits.
They start off a lovely lime green then ripen fully to bright crimson red.
Exceptionally thin walls make the harvests excellent for stringing into large "ristras" for quick drying. Then snip one from the bunch when ready to use and crumble into a pot of chili or bowl of salsa.
Chop or slice thinly and eat fresh too. Strong plants hold fruits high for easy picking. Cayenne peppers have about 40,000 Scovilles of heat, six times hotter than a jalapeno but one third to one tenth the heat of a habanero.

Website: How to make a Ristra

10 seeds $1.95
PEP322 Rooster Spur ( Very Hot Pepper! 20000-30000 SU )
New seeds from SSE. Rare pepper from Virgil T. Ainsworth of Laurel, Mississippi. Grown in his family for more than 100 years. Traditionally used to make Rooster Pepper Sausage. Plants are loaded with 1 1/2" fruits, 24" tall. Very nice for pots. 95 days from transplant.
Package of 15 seeds $2.25
PEP354 Sahuaro ( Mildly Warm to Hot Pepper 500 Scoville Units )
Huge, flavorful mild peppers. F1, Improvement on Big Chile II, large 9" long, strong plant, resists sunburn, for salads or roasted, mild 500 scoville, 68 days.
10 seeds $3.75
PEP296 San Luis Ancho ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1000-1500 SU )
A great Ancho/Poblano type that matures in 80 days, 5"-6" fruit are of high quality and medium meat. The dark-green fruit turn deep-red when mature. A must for Mexican foods and great fresh or dried. One of the most popular chilies in Mexico.
Package of 10 seeds, $2.25
TRM766 Satan's Kiss ( Hot pepper, about 40000 shu )
Round red golf ball size, medium hot peppers, great stuffed and grilled. It is a sturdy plant. This chili is delicious in many dishes. Traditionally in Southern Italy, they are stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella and grilled. The pepper loses around 60% of its heat once cooked. 76 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP118 Serrano Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 10000-25000 SU )
Very hot, whether green or mature red, this flavorful pepper is perfect for chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper and vinegar and pickles. Vigorous 30" plants are laden with these 2" medium thick walls. 85 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP218 Serrano Tampiqueno ( Very Hot Pepper! 10000-15000 SU )
The most popular serrano in Mexico. The very hot, candle flame shaped fruits are 2½" x ½", light green maturing to orange red with medium thick walls and their own unique flavor. 2-3 ft. tall plants are vigorous and ever bearing, thick wall, spicy citrus flavor, great sauce component. Good for the home and market gardens.
Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

We have 7 Pot Primo in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP382 Shishito ( Japanese Pepper for Tempura, Shish Kabob )
These glossy green peppers with the crinkly thin skin are petite like jalapenos, but with a mild, sweet flavor all their own. Grilled or pan-roasted and lightly salted, shishitos may make the easiest, most mouth-poppable snack you've ever had. Beware: one in every ten packs a spicy punch.
This medium early, small, sweet, thin-walled glossy green pepper is popular in Japan. The fruits grow up to 3-4" long. Plant has a spreading habit and produces prolifically. Good for garden, greenhouse and open field growing.
Also known as Wrinkled Old Man Pepper. 1/4 ounce peppers are crisp, thin skinned, for tempura, shish kabob, very productive, 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
TRM334 Sigaretta Dolce ( Sweet Grilling Pepper )
This pepper is a classic sweet 'cigar' type, long with a pointed tip. The flesh is brigh green which turns brilliant red when fully ripe. Traditionally used pickled (sottoaceto) but also a champ for all-around use, perfect fresh on a salad, fried, or grilled. 72 days.
10 seeds $2.25
TRN084 Slim Pim Tenderbell ( Bell Pepper )
This is an extra early maturing Japanese hybrid that produces glossy, thin-wall, sweet green bell peppers that are small-sized up to 3-4" in length and a little over an ounce in weight. Plants are 24-30" tall. This variety is tobacco mosaic virus tolerant. 60 days.
10 seeds $3.50
PEP072 Spanish Spice Hybrid ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper )
Enticingly flavorful and aromatic when grilled or fried, this European import looks like green chili pepper, but has a pleasing spicy taste, rather than heat. Extra early fruits average 7 inches in length and are sensational when cooked are raw in salads, and add spice to any gourmet recipe. Exceptionally thin walls allow these peppers to cook quickly, making them excellent in stir-fry and recipes cooked with other vegetables. A heavy yielder. 63-38 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP343 Sport ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-20000 SU )
For Chicago hot dog salsa, green to red, thin wall, ½ x 2", 75 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.35
PEP401 Starvos ( Sweet Greek Pepperoncini )
This is a fine heirloom Greek Pepperoncini. Enjoy the wonderful spicy/sweet flavor that makes these peppers so special. Use the traditional way and pick them young for pickling or grow out for fresh use. Turns orange/red when fully ripe. 72 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP344 Sunbright ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Golden sister to Big Red, thick wall, 4 x 6", 73 days.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.35
PEP400 Super Heavyweight Bell Pepper
( Sweet Bell Pepper )
F1, Huge, 8-9", blocky, thick wall, green to yellow, sweet and crunchy, eat fresh or stuffed, 77 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
Package of 5 seeds $2.95
TRM323 Sweet Goliath Bell Hybrid( Sweet Bell Pepper )
A great new seed introduction from TT Seeds. If you've grown to love the Goliath family of superb tomatoes you'll really appreciate this sensational sweet bell, the largest yet! Massive, 4-lobed fruits set well under a variety of conditions on vigorous plants, developing into huge, elongated, thick-walled specimens measuring 4" by 7" with plenty of substance and terrific flavor! Left on the plants, fruits will turn from green to dark red. They contain more Vitamin C than oranges!
10 seeds $2.95 ( Note: This pepper by nature is a low germinator, around 60%, so we provide extra 5 seeds to account for this )
PEP329 Sweetheart Pepper ( Sweet Pimento Pepper )
A sweet pimento type. 80 Days. Sweetheart is sweet pimento type that will be mild, juicy and have a fruity sweet flavor to it at full maturity. Tall plants yield unique heart shaped fruit that resemble a top and measure 3 in. x 3 in. The fruit are very thick walled and ripen from medium green to a deep red color at full maturity. Tolerant to TMV.
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TRN110 Sweet Sunset( Sweet banana pepper )
This 2015 All America Selection award winner adds a whole new dimension in flavor to the family and it grows on plants compact enough for containers ( with no staking ) on the patio.
Sweet Sunset sets long, tapered, slightly curved fruits that average about 7½ inches, with shoulders of 1½ inches. The fruit turns from pale green to a light yellow, at which point it is ready to harvest. Leave it on the plant a bit longer, however, and it will burnish a handsome shade of red, with extra nutrients to reward your patience! 85 days.
10 seeds $3.95
PEP007 Super Chili Hybrid ( Chile Type Hot! Pepper 20000-40000 SU )
One of the most pungent chili peppers available. Very ornamental, semi-compact, 24" plant bearing 2-1/2" elongated fruits with plenty of chili pepper. Bred for increased yields. Bring plants in where winter is severe to have a continuous supply of these peppers all winter. Ripens to green to orange to red. Ideal for patio, container, and windowsill gardens. 75 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP261 Super Red Pimento ( Sweet Pimento Pepper )
This variety has very thick skin, up to half an inch. Perfect for stuffing, salads, or fresh eating. Thick walled, squat bell type, turns from green to red, very sweet.
Available only in Treated Seed.
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PEP073 Sweet Banana ( Sweet Pepper )
One of the most popular non-bell sweet peppers, fresh or cooked. Thick- walled fruits, with sweet, mild, waxy flesh or prolifically are produced on 16 to 24-inch plants, with a pendant fruiting habit. Fruits start out pale green, ripening to yellow and then red. 66 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP204 Sweet Cherry ( Sweet Pepper )
Beautiful 1 inch x 1.5 inch cherry peppers turning from green to red with a wonderful sweet flavor.
Package of 15 seeds, $2.25
PEP053 Sweet Chocolate ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
58 days green, 78 days brown ripe. Dark shiny green, ripening to a rich chocolate brown. Remarkable earliness, heavy set, and tolerance of cool nights. The fruits are smooth, medium-small, tapered, "snub nose" (blunt end) fruits with long stems. Very mild flavor, medium-thick flesh. The flesh under the skin is brick red.
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PEP742 Sweet Heat( Sweet Pepper with mild spicy flavor )
Very early, elongated bell, 1 x 3½", turns red, mild spicy flavor for salsa, compact 10" tall for patio, 59 days.
5 seeds $2.95
PEP207 Sweet Rainbow Blend ( Sweet Pepper )
A colorful mixture of red, green, yellow, orange, white, purple and brown peppers. Excellent vigor and disease resistance.
15 seeds $2.25
PEP120 Tabasco ( Very Hot Pepper! 30000-50000 SU )
81 days. Exceptionally hot - one of the hottest peppers ever developed. Bred for the famous extra-hot Tabasco sauce. Fruits ripen from yellow-green to red, and are easily harvested. Vigorous, high-yielding.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP123 Tam Jalapeno #1 ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1500-2000 SU )
This mildly pungent pepper matures early, and is just right for pickling. Semi-compact 22 to 24" plants yield plenty of the cylindrical fruits, medium- green to red. Widely use and widely adaptable. 65-70 days.
10 seeds $2.15
TRN645 Tawny Port Hybrid ( Sweet pepper )
Beautiful, port wine colored fruits have an excellent, very sweet, flavor. Four lobed and very large, 4 by 5" bells are perfect for adding unique color to salads. Makes a beautiful stuffed pepper too! 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
TRM511 Ten-Pu-La Oriental Cooking Pepper ( Oriental Cooking Pepper )
Ten-Pu-La, called in Chinese as "sweet but not hot", is a unique pepper widely used in Oriental cooking in Taiwan and Southern China. Fruits have thick meat and spicy, but not hot taste, which will bring out the tasty flavor in cooking uses. Plants are vigorous and spreading with many branches, bearing lots of high quality peppers. Long shape green peppers will turn red when reaching the maturity. Pick peppers at any growing stage for cooking uses. An excellent variety for the backyard growing and fresh markets.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP320 Tepin ( Bird's Eye ) ( Very Hot Pepper! 70000-100000 SU )
One of the world's hottest pepper, unique ¼" round, red, usually pickled with stem when green, Mexican native, 200 days
Package of 15 seeds $2.95
PEP758 Thai Bangkok ( Hot seasoning Pepper )
Wonderful, hot, and flavorful small peppers typical of standard southeast Asian cuisine. This variety is attractive and easy to harvest as the fruit are held upright, often above the leaf canopy. Untreated seed. 80 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
TRM767 Thai Compact ( Hot pepper, we estimate about 20000 shu )
Clusters of 3" slender upright fruits, turn red, compact 20" tall plant, highly ornamental, great culinary type with delicious heat, very hot, peppers dry easily for powder, 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
TRN577 Thai Culinary ( Hot pepper, we estimate about 35,000-40,000 shu )
Five to seven times hotter than the typical Jalapeno. Fruits are thin-walled, dry easily and measure 3 1/2" x 3/4", tapering to a point. Matures from medium-green to dark-red. Plants grow 26" tall and are well branched and sturdy. Prolific plants produce as many as 150 fruits. 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP747 Thai Dragon F1 ( Hot pepper, we estimate about 60-80 thousand shu )
Not for the faint hearted, this variety gives habenero a run for its money. The prolific plants often yield up to 200 fruits 3-1/2 inches long. Upright clusters of pointed red peppers, very hot, useful in fire-breathing oriental dishes, 70 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP297 Thai Hot ( Very Hot Pepper! 5000-10000 SU )
A great little pepper to grow in pots or in the garden. Absolutely loaded with little ½" fruits ripening from green to red, averages 200 fruits per plant, very hot!. If picked clean, a nice second crop will set on just in time for your holiday decorations. 85 days from transplant
Package of 15 seeds $2.95
PEP287 Thai Yellow Chili ( Chile Type Hot Pepper 5000-10000 SU )
The golden-yellow version of the Thai pepper. Fruit is also very hot and flavorful. Used less than the red chili, these are still seen in most every market in Thailand. Beautiful. Seed collected in Thailand.
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TRN221 Tiburon Hybrid ( Sweet pepper )
F1, Large 3 x 5" green turning red, thick sweet flesh, heavy fruit, 65 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP386 Tobago Seasoning ( Mild to Moderately Hot Pepper )
Discovered in 1999 in a market on the Island of Tobago, where it is used extensively to season local cuisine. Flavor is distinctive and moderately hot, more subtle than many hot peppers. Fruits are slightly variable, maturing to tropical shades of magenta, bright red and orange. Great in patio pots, 90 days.
10 seeds $2.25
TRN224 Tricked You Hybrid ( Slightly warm pepper )
F1, 4" long, teasingly not hot, green to red, great stuffed or for salsa, 90 days.
10 seeds $3.95
PEP305 Trifetti ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 5000-20000 SU)
(72 days) Makes a spectacular houseplant or container planting! As Tri-Color Variegata matures, each leaf exhibits shades of white, green and purple in a never-ending, variegated display, with no two leaves the same. Purple stems and blooms add to the richness and charm. Fruits are hot, best used as a garnish, and turn from deep purple to bright red at maturity.
Available only in Treated Seed.
Package of 15 seeds $2.95
PEP398 Violet Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
4 x 4", pastel violet, super sweet, appealing color for garnish, 72 days.
10 seeds $2.15
PEP345 White Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
3-4 lobe, medium thick flesh, matures white to yellow to red, 68 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP267 White Habanero Pepper ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-300000 SU)
A wonderful new addition to an old favorite. Small bushy plants yield loads of these 1"-2" creamy-white, top-shaped fruit. This Caribbean variety is a favorite for its smoky taste and extreme heat. Ornamental and unique.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP409 White Zinfandel Pepper ( Sweet Bell Pepper)
F1, Gourmet white bell with pink blush, blocky 3-4 lobe, 3-1/2" x 4", strong disease resistance, 65 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP055 Whopper Improved Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
Huge fruits are completely 4" by 4"- yield is enormous, and quality is top-of- the-line. Fruits are 4-lobed with thick-walls that hold up well for cooking or stuffing, yet remain sweet, tender and juicy. Protective foliage on strong plants; resistant to Tobacco Mosaic. Superior in every way! 71 days.
15 seeds $2.15
TRM865 Yucatan Hybrid Habanero ( Hot seasoning Pepper, 200,000 SHU )
Yucatan Hybrid Habanero displays a deep orange colored skin and typical habanero shape that measure an average of 1.5 to 2 inches long. Yucatan features high uniformity and is very aromatic and extremely hot. This Habanero averages 200,000 Scoville units and has intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Adapts to most regions and cultivation conditions. 95 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 seeds $3.95
PEP408 Yatsufusa ( Mild Hot )
Yatsufusa is a hot specialty pepper that originated in Japan and is also known as chilies Japones. The peppers grow in upright clusters of 5-6 at the top of an 18-24" tall multi-branched plant and have a flavor similar to cayenne or Thai peppers. The 2-3" long fruits are harvested both green (mild heat) and red. The mature, dried fruits are ground and used in shichimi togarashi, a popular condiment. 80 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95

We have Yellow Bhut in our Super Hot Peppers List

We have Yellow Brain Strain in our Super Hot Peppers List

PEP361 Zavory ( Mildly Hot Pepper )
Fragrance and look of habanero without the heat, very mild, for salsa, soup, best flavor raw or warmed, 90 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.95
JCLIP Jumbo Trellis Clips

These jumbo white plastic clips are larger than our tomato trellis clips and form a 1 inch circle around stem and trellis line or cage wire compared to a ¾ circle on our tomato trellis clips ( as shown in photo ).
This is very handy when you are using bamboo stakes or clipping larger pepper plant stems. Clips have side openings for ventilation and have a quick release feature that allows you to move them during the year as the plant grows. Use them year after year. Excellent for vine crops as well and staking any young plant.

Bag of 50 clips $3.95
Bag of 250 clips $12.95
Jim's Plant Growth Stimulator for Peppers with Black Gold Humates.
Jim has developed this product through years of testing on his farms. This natural, environmentally safe solution will produce amazing results, producing vigorous plants and larger fruits. We highly recommend you do you own trial test ( i.e. spray one plant with solution, next to a plant not sprayed with solution over the length of a growing season ) to fully appreciate how effective this product is.
This is a two part water soluble product that should be mixed 14.75cc of each part ( we provide measuring spoon with solution ) to one gallon of water and sprayed onto the foliage of the pepper plants. It contains Food Grade H202, ( produced by nature ) Gibberellic Acid ( a natural plant growth hormone ), B1 and other plant vitamins, plant hormones, ( made from natural sources ) micronutrients including Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Sulfur (S) and Zinc (Zn) plus a natural detergent based "sticker" that makes the product stick to the leaves until absorbed by the plant. We have also added Black Gold Humates in liquid form to this mix to help blossoms set under adverse conditions.
This mix will make 16 gallons of solution.
  JPAG05 Plant Growth Stimulator for Peppers $15.95

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